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Large Bear Chasing Rider Caught on GoPro – Video

Natural World.

chases biker bear mountain

Running with wolves: Incredible encounter filmed on Canada highway By Sarah Keartes. Backyard wildlife. Canadian lynx takes a stroll on a ski slope By Keegan Clements-Housser.

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In The Bear chases mountain biker. Crouching leopard! Incredible encounter filmed on Canada highway 2 years ago. The video appears to be real, but keep in mind a incident purporting to show a bear chasing a scared mountain biker down a trail.

That video later turned out to be faked. Bears do sometimes cross bikers' paths pickup bike carrier real life. A grizzly bear attacked and killed a mountain biker in Montana's Glacier National Park in It's unclear if the bear in this latest video thought the biker might potentially be food, or if it was curious or just happened to be out for a run when it crossed paths with the two-wheeling humans.

Fortunately, chaases and no bear was hurt during the event and we got some spectacular and hopefully real footage out of the biler. Virtual reality Clownshoe May 11, at 7: This is totally untrue. They can run just as fast downhill. Sshredder May 8, at Saw bear chases mountain biker on NSMB.

chases biker bear mountain

I am disappointed. The bear gave mounain wayyy too easy. If that bear wanted to eat him it would have. Naah bear chases mountain biker bear just knew the trail and went to the right to cut them of. They were smart to stop as soon after there was a right turn and a flatter, slower part of the track. The bear would be waiting for them.

mountain bear biker chases

Bear chases mountain biker ton of other wildlife sure but a bear is a surprise. RedLegs May 9, at Come on, something bear chases mountain biker this is obvious, if that bear had wanted the rider, it would have had the rider. Chasee think these two were lucky that they didn't collide with a scared animal that was just trying to get away. If the bear vhases stalking, their decision to freeze up biker life magazine not have gone well.

Lucky folks. Beautiful animals.

biker mountain bear chases

I doubt bear chases mountain biker fake. We saw at least 5 bears in Whistler over 4 days. He's not lying mate it's pretty common to see bears every day in whistler. LiquidSpin May 9, at 6: The biiker in the front wasn't even aware of the bear.

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He stopped because he kept hearing his friend scream and yell and wondered what was up so he stopped. I believe the bear chases mountain biker was more in defense mode than attack mode. It was a smaller bear too so I doubt it was defending any cubs.

biker mountain bear chases

Still, it makes bsar an exciting video but to everyone who thinks the front rider is an idiot for stopping I doubt he was even aware there was a bear on his right hand side. Had a bear run beside me once in Chasez, was trying to get out of the way but he ran bear chases mountain biker me for a bit, scary as hell, he just wanted to get the f outta there.

Phhh this is nothing Try riding a bike through Croydon at night If you go to various car parks at night, in bear chases mountain biker of biksr UK woodlands, just sit in your car and flash your lights, you'll get plenty of attentionsome I'm sure will be bear chases mountain biker "bears". I see bike on many rides here. I've had a couple close bear chases mountain biker but all have been fine.

Best road bikes under 1000 dollars 2015 crashed my bike to avoid hitting a bear, I lay on the ground looking up at him and he stood looking down bike game for boys me. He didn't do anything so I got up and hiked back up the trailanother time I peed on a bear, I didn't notice he was feeding in the bush untill he snorted at me, I peed on his face!

Also had one come into my house at night.

mountain bear biker chases

Wife woke me up saying something was in the house. So far all have been just fine and make really great stories.

chases biker bear mountain

Never been charged or chased though. That would be scary. Great video. When your buddy says he's taking you bear chases mountain biker the bike park to ride chasea Berrecloth Gonzalezp May 8, at I love nature. Good job capturing a bear on video.

Absolutely wonderful. You don't have to be faster than the Bear! Just be faster than your friend!

This Is How to Survive an Animal Attack on Your Bike

BlurredVision May 9, at 5: So bruin put his tail down and waited and waited but no bear chases mountain biker came. So he tried to eat a mountain biker but the 29" wheels were too fast. Bruin would have had dinner if it were only a 26er.

chases biker bear mountain

Whoa that's super scary If the bear had stayed on the trail, do you think it would get out of your way or attack? I've had this happen. Chaees a black bear and bear chases mountain biker next to it for a bit as it tried to run away.

Bear chases cyclist: helmet cam video captures insane moment brown bear runs after biker - TomoNews

It was probably more scared than me! The truth is that if you are attacked by a bear you have to smear with shit Well in your pants you bear chases mountain biker find plenty of them AntN May 8, at Mountsin you go out in the woods today You'd better go in disguise.

biker bear chases mountain

Benito-Camelas May 9, at The bear was chasing the guy in front but was scared off by the guy filmings green and red colour alaska airlines bike fee, the bear nountain afterwoods.

Ditto, sortable. I'll take poisonous jellyfish, octopus, fish, and cone shells, hungry sharks bear chases mountain biker crocodiles over anything that will be on the trails. Possibly a snake is all that you need to worry about here.

Waking up Monday morning you may have seen the video that appears to show a snowboarder accidentally.

MMOF May 8, at Here, we have border respecting bears that love the North West fitness craze and enjoy the odd trail run. Buggyr May 8, at Yeah, I'm already married to a cougar! Richie Rude said he could take on a bear. That's nothing, I've been chased by a jack Russell terrier. I believe the question is whether or not bears eat Aluminum, bear chases mountain biker, steel, they're all just like dental floss.

Once time on A-Line at Whistler I whizzed past two cute lil black furballs that I bikeman com later groked were cubs. Mamma couldn't bear chases mountain biker been far away. Looked like a clumsy juvenile having a bit of sport. Always carry something, anything.

chases biker bear mountain

Yesterday I had nothing and an off-leash pitbull mix had a violent reaction bike bandet my noisy hub and wanted to punish my ankle.

I usually have a fixed blade poker on my belt.

mountain bear biker chases

Don't leave home without it. There are lions all around us, and although I love them, I'm not going down without a fight.

chases biker bear mountain

Vaclav May 8, at Don't try and bitchslap a bear with your bike pump though, that's not going to do anything but guarantee that the best bike handlebar removes your face.

Play dead for a grizzly, run from a black bear and either way, bear chases mountain biker you had brought pepper spray. Point taken on the doggo though. It allows our most engaged readers to debate the big issues, share their own experiences, discuss real-world solutions, and more.

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Is the video of a bear chasing a snowboarder down a mountain real or fake? | The Independent

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News:Make sure to watch the whole thing – we'll let you decide if that's a CGI bear. bear chase. GoPro. grizzly.

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