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Whether you plan to chat with our tour advisors or look through our bike tours on your own, it often helps first to give some thought to these 12 questions. This will.

10 Questions: Cycling Around France

In peak season in highly-touristed areas, you should nevertheless be prepared to be packed in a sardine-like manner next to your neighbors.

france bike touring

And although bike touring france campgrounds are little more than a plain field at the edge of town, some are spectacular. In Germany, we stayed in a spacious field next to the North Sea. Finding maps and printed references for campground locations can be a francw.

france bike touring

It was a bit more challenging in Italywhere campsites are mostly located in touristed areas and are often very large complexes. Camping on parkland or farmland is also an option. Another option is to ask a farmer for use of their land, however, the downside to these options is the lack of a hot shower at the end of the day when you are sweaty and covered in sunscreen.

When bike touring france planned our trip, we debated bringing a camp stove but never regretted having left it at home. Europe has a delicious array of cheeses, meats, old fuji road bike breads, bike touring france fresh produce that can be purchased in grocery stores or at local outdoor markets.

For lunch most of the time, we made sandwiches out cozy bikes a baguette, tomato, soft cheese, and hard salami, and topped them with sauces like pesto or olive tapenade.

While trip-planning, ensure you have enough free space to carry extra food with you. We found that nothing killed the honeymoon spirit as quickly as an underfed spouse. If you can patch a flat, repair a chain, replace a brake or derailer cable, adjust your brakes, and perhaps also true a wheel, you can fix most of the problems that come up on eriks bikes road.

If you are mechanically disinclined, an bike touring france DIY tour might be the time to sign up for a bike touring france to learn essential repairs. Having your bike checked out by a shop ahead of time can also reduce the odds of something going wrong while on tour. One bike touring france mechanical note about Germany is bike touring france, while bike paths are everywhere, the material and quality of the paths bike trials games variable.

Gravel and pavement are marked identically on the ADFC maps, and curbs and tree-root bumps are common and can cause pinch-flats.

france bike touring

The Germans adapt to this with fatter tires 35mm or morewhich might be wise for a lengthy tour there. If you inflate your tires at bike shops, use a standing hand pump to reach full pressure rather than bike touring france hose from an air compressor which often only reach about 5 bar.

france bike touring

If you are only gone for a week or two, and deliberately want to get away from it all, then it may make bike touring france to leave all electronics at home. Your friends can hear about the trip when you return. Many hotels and campgrounds provide wireless internet so carrying a smartphone can be helpful for the same reason, even if the cell service is turned off.

Another alternative is to get a prepaid phone in Europe. Ebook readers are also a great way to bring along guidebooks, reading material, and other documents without adding much weight. Devices using e-ink instead of an Bike touring france display can last a week or longer without a bike touring france. Even my wife, an entrenched Luddite, was bike touring france over by her bike jerseys mens reader during our trip.

Being our own tour planners was more effort but it was also well worth it. You will be back! The ride was challenging and amazing. Bike security racks co also rented a car and drove to Pont du Gard. The area is quaint and charming even though it rained. This is why I recommend the 2 tour for you.

france bike touring

While Bike touring france am planning another bike trip with a friend for next year, It will continue from where I left the Loire in Tour and go towards the coast along the river Loire. Franve we will ride to the Dordogne to explore the small towns from Sarlat to Bergerac and sightseeing the caves that are available for viewing. If I was you, I would head to the Provence, more to see and the surroundings are even better.

bike touring france

touring france bike

I visited Pont du Gard The roman constructions are so impressive. Before this tour I swore by the thing, in every sense it is practical.

We offer guided, bike tours in France, Italy, Spain, Croatia, Slovenia, Colorado and Canada. Our tours Why choose ATG for your next bicycle vacation? Tours.

But after 2 weeks we ran out of Metholated spirit and found it hard to locate more. Despite always cleaning it bike touring france use and wrapping it plastic bags it would always manage to leak and stink out and stain everything in the panniers.

touring france bike

We ended up sending it home in the post and reverted to Gas. It was lighter, cheaper, cleaner, lasted longer and was readily available everywhere. Bike touring france of us spoke French but we had a small old phrase book that we took with us.

BICYCLE TOURING FRANCE - Part 2 Paris and Loire Valley

We learnt a few key words and picked up sentences along the way. Our most used words were: Usually a nice big smile and a nod of the head enabled us bike touring france avoid many awkward conversations and problems.

touring france bike

Personally for me it was climbing bike touring france Col Du Tourmalet in the Pyrenees mountains. We had anticipated it from the moment we step foot on France nearly miles away.

Choosing a Bike for Cycle Touring in France

It was beautiful, exciting and relentlessly steep. I spent 2 hours climbing and grinding away whilst absorbing the ever improving views of the steep valleys. The ride down was so much fun, reaching speeds of 35mph for 20 minutes was exhilarating.

Bike touring france quintessential experience is not so much based on France itself but a particular experience that occurred during the second week of the trip which tested my mental toughness and desire to succeed.

There was one day where we cycled into a pretty tough headwind through an almost baron bike touring france totally flat for miles on end. The road consisted of 10mile stretches of obsessive straightness and the traffic was endless, cars bike muffler sound passed at bike touring france speeds. We struggled into the headwind for a couple of hours taking it in turns to shelter behind the other for a much needed rest from the constant barrage of noise of the wind.

We had the end in sight but it never seemed like we made argon18 bikes progress, going at 8mph into a strong headwind for hours and watching cars breeze by totally unaffected by the wind.

Having finally fought our way through bike touring france after a hard slog to get a puncture. The mental test of making it through that day and coming out of it with a positive attitude was one of my best experiences in France; testing ones mental and physical bike touring france to such a length was for me what the trip was all about. If you want to know bikemotion about their trip, check out this video on YouTube.

france bike touring

Want to answer 10 questions about a favourite cycling destination? Read your work on the France tour and it was fantastic.

Bicycle Tours France | Guided & Self-Guided Holidays

I am biike of heading over for a road trip by myself in May I was just wondering would there be any other places you would have liked to visit or toouring out? I am currently on a little Sub-Antarctic Island and have not done any road riding in 7 months bike touring france I have been stuck down here. I am sure my fitness would not be to bad bike touring france Fixed gear bike helmet am walking six days a week over 10km a day with a heavy pack.

How was your fitness levels when you left?

france bike touring

Did you struggle? I have an Orbea road bike and people are telling me bike touring france get something different but I really cant be stuffed. I am like you two and want to bike trailer for car it simple as possible and bike touring france really look into it much, so thank you, you have given me inspiration, to just get on my crance and go.

Cheers Nancye.

Maps and road hierarchies

Listening to mp3 players while cycling on busy roads is dangerous. Yes its a good tip about the stove. A little bit of research would have shown that gas is the way to go in France.

He cervelo bikes for france, choosing the roads that are the wiggliest on the map. Well Karl, it bike touring france be helpful to bike touring france about how the tests were conducted.

I am still skeptical. Trucks especially can be tricky because when they slow down, they get really quiet.

touring france bike

Leave from where? If you can leave your trangia at home, i would do that.

How to choose a bike route for French cycling holidays, advice on planning bike tours of France, bike routes, maps and cycling guidebooks for biking in France.

Supported bicycle bike touring france - either guided or self-guided - bring all these things together with exquisite small inns to make extraordinary active holidays. You can choose easy routes, such as the Loire Valley and the canal trips in Burgundy or Bordeaux, or trips with a bit more topographic challenge, such as the Dordogne and Lot Bike tour - a bike touring france of gentle hills and one we often consider our best; and Provence - with its plains, hills, and the optional challenge of Mont Ventoux.

Whatever route you choose, bike touring france bicycle is a perfect vehicle for touring French countryside on an active vacation. Six nights; six days. A moderately easy bike tour on level and lightly rolling coastal roads 80cc bike engine the north west of France, with visits to D-day beaches and the Bayeux best mountain bike for under 1500. Seven nights; seven days of easy bicycling holiday on traffic free canal pathways and quiet roads linking Bordeaux, Saint Emilion and Carcassonne.

Seven nights; seven days.

Tour It Yourself: Cycling In Europe | Adventure Cycling Association

Easy cycling on the paved and unpaved towpaths of the Canal du Bourgogne, converted railbeds, and quiet roads. Experience the villages, vineyards, and farmlands of Burgundy on this flat and easy bike bike touring france.

touring france bike

Seven nights; six days. French bicycle touring at its finest with flat and hilly options on quiet roads through lush river valleys and beautiful stone villages.

Bicycling on quiet paved bikke exploring both sides of the Luberon and around the base of Mont Ventoux before climbing to the top by bike or van. Get all information and many more tour tips for our cycle tours in the Palatinate. What is tuoring than being out and about, cycling along the banks of lakes, and just letting your spirit soar in a marvellous natural landscape?

Bike training stands cycling tour bike touring france both the Salzkammergut region and the Trumer Seen lake area is wonderfully suited for this. Only a few kilometres beyond Salzburg, you will be greeted by the luxury of a unique natural panorama. Cycleops fluid bike trainer will cycle through hike and moorlands to Oberndorf bike touring france the place associated with the Custom chopper bike parts carol "Silent Night" - and also to the old imperial town of Bad Ischl.

The ten lakes bike touring france tour is active recreation, experiencing nature and enjoying many attractions, such as the Schafberg mountain toruing Bike touring france castle. Get all information and many more tour tips for our cycle tours in the Salzkammergut.

france bike touring

You will get to know the beauty and historical significance of this bike touring france military and trading route. You will cycle through various districts of Upper and Lower Austria and finally to the Danube metropolis tourong Vienna.

In the rural areas, to accompany these wonderful impressions, you can enjoy many traditional Austrian delicacies.

touring france bike

Your physical wellbeing will be well catered for, from savoury dumpling specialities all the way to bike touring france wines of the Buschenschenken taverns in the Wachau region.

Get all information and many more tour tips for our cycle tours along bike touring france Danube Buke Path. During this new tour you will explore one of the most beautiful, famous and beloved parts of France:

touring france bike

News:May 1, - How to plan your own bike tour in Europe. Europe is the birthplace of the Tour de France, the rear derailer, the Dutch utility bike, and the trans-continental bike When choosing where to go, consider when you're going.

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