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See at-a-glance reviews below of five of our top-rated cruiser bikes, and those that haven't have been carefully chosen based on their value.

The Electra Go! Collection

Every bike on this list has been thoroughly evaluated and vetted by our team of test editors. We research the market, survey user reviews, electra bikes usa with product managers and engineers, and use our own experience riding these rlectra to determine the best options.

These are the 12 beach cruisers we recommend for lazy summer days. The steel fork keeps road jitters from creeping up through your arms and teeth, and 2. Matching fenders and rims, a retro aluminum crankset and pedals, and super-comfortable electra bikes usa grips top off this well-appointed bicycle. Read Full Review View 18 Images. With a roughly 2: A rear coaster brake keeps your hands free to take sunset pics, and the foam-covered, swept-back handlebar puts you in a sightseeing position.

An oversize, padded seat with springs bijes for a forgiving parts for baja warrior mini bike cruise, and if you really want to deck this bike out to transport stuff to the electra bikes usa or around town, rack and fender mounts give you plenty of options. Read Full Review. Sealed bearings keep out water, and Kenda puncture-resistant tires are hardly fazed by electra bikes usa glass and clamshells. A double kickstand keeps the bike electra bikes usa tipping when parked, electra bikes usa the traditional cruiser-style handlebar has a girls bikes at kmart twist shifter on the right and a front hand brake on the motor bike engines for sale though you have the option of using the coaster brake.

Read Full Review View 23 Eoectra. Not every beach cruiser has to take its time. And not every e-bike has to bleed you dry. LS is your half-price ticket to e-cruising. Read Full Review View 20 Images. Inspired by the lines of vintage Italian scooters and classic German cars, the eJoy 9D can easily be your zip-around-town-atmph e-bike.

If your torso is 26 and arm is 22, you get 18 inches as a result. Yes interesting …im 5ft7in the dreaded inbetween size. Awesome post. Bicycle tires have two components. The longer number of the tire is in diameter about an inch, and the smaller number is the tire width in an inch.

I also maintain a site, hope you like it — http: As a new cyclist myself, Uda can let you know the most critical component is to get your ass obtainable and electra bikes usa experience.

bikes usa electra

Everything else comes after that, and not anything can probable come before. Great website!


Hey, I am electda happy to inform you that your article helps me for find right size bikes. And i think it is helps many people. Please Publish future electra bikes usa kind of more article. Thanks for the information! Since a lot of the bikes have seats that you can pul up and extend the height for the seat, is there a range that will be still suitable.

If the seat can be extended far, can a tall person electra bikes usa ride even the frame is small according to the chart? Read new tips from me: You did a great job. Really amazing article you share with us. Thank you man, Now I have a clear idea on Right bike size.

usa electra bikes

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Purchased Townie and absolutely love it.

bikes usa electra

I have over a thousand miles in 5 months on the bike and enjoy electra bikes usa longer distances without painful knees. I am 68 years old and pounds and purple mountain bikes bike electra bikes usa great pick up and electar assistance for fairly steep hills.

If I take it to leectra store where folks pass by they tend to stop and ask about the bike, and some have asked for a test ride and came back with a wow smile.

bikes usa electra

Uza stopping power of the bike is no problem at all — no worries about the braking system for sure. A great buy for a quality bike! Hey Mark!

The Electra Bikes Lineup

I enjoyed your testimonial, thanks for taking the time to share about your experience! I purchased the Townie Go in April of I now have over miles on my bike.

bikes usa electra

I understand that they are now shipping the Copenhagen Wheel — but if I had waited, I would have missed out on over 1, electra bikes usa of riding! The bike is super comfortable and allows me to ride most anywhere — plus long distances.

usa electra bikes

I bought mine at REI and the service on it has been excellent. Hi Monica! Good for you, recognizing the wait of the Bjkes Wheel and finding something else.

Electra Worldwide. Choose a country to view the bike collection near you. Models and specifications vary depending on your region. Americas. United States.

Both new electra bikes usa are equipped with larger more efficient C tires, more bmx bikes canada back handlebars, and rear and front cargo racks with the front light relocated to right of the front rack to not obstruct the light when riding electta a load. Will keep an eye out and hopefully, this comment helps people who might have similar questions or concerns.

usa electra bikes

I would like to see a review of the Loft Go! Tektro hydraulic disc brakes are standard now along with front and rear fender racks. The handle bars are curved back and allows a straight up natural sitting position. The pedals are pushed forward and makes the ride much more comfortable.

I have had three electra bikes usa replacements and a knee scope. I have only a 78 degree hip bend and found most other bikes impossible to peddle. I simply could not get my leg to raise high electar to peddle a bike. This one I 700x38c bike tire and with very little problems.

You need to review this version and let your readers know of the benefits for older riders. Comes with the Bosch W drive system and tops out at 20 e,ectra. The walk electra bikes usa is not enabled on this bike and the kick stand is electra bikes usa forward, but those are the only things I find that I wish where changed. This will become your new favorite cruiser.

bikes usa electra

We also have on order a Loft Go electra bikes usa my wife. The frame is lighter and overall the bike is about 5 pounds less than the Commute go coming in around 45 pounds. The Bosch w system has been tuned down also on this bike electra bikes usa to the lighter weight of the bike. Wheel base is also about 2. It has all the features of the Commute go in a slightly elecra package that fit my wife better. Keep up the great reviews. Uas made our decision on which bike to purchase bike rentals scottsdale easier.

usa electra bikes

Hi Pete, thanks for your thorough update! I hope the bike works great for you and will keep my eye out for a review soon: As someone who is also looking into buying electra bikes usa of the new Electra Go!

Eddy's Bike Shop | Cleveland & Akron OH | Trek Specialized Electra

And if so, if your considerations on the bike being better suited for her, being a bit smaller, compared to the Commute Roam bike Thank you in advance Pete!

bikes usa electra

And thank you also for describing the differences you noticed between the Commute and Loft Go! I canfeild bikes actually searching all over while you already mentioned some of the most electra bikes usa differences the weight, the step thru height right here!

Electra Loft Go! Video Review - $2.8k Stylish, Quiet, Urban Ebike

I guess I really am still a rookie here on this forum…. Court, I wanted to follow-up after my note electra bikes usa you with Townie Go questions.

And to let you know that my wife and I did get new Townies-Gos. Wlectra test rode the bike at a nearby dealer and were really happy with the ride. We preferred the black Ebony color but those electra bikes usa tires… Ugh… they were just not to our liking. So to help make probikekit discount double sale our bike shop agreed to swap the white tires for the same exact black Schwalbes but with reflective strips another of your suggestions.

The bikes now became perfect for bokes.

usa electra bikes

We were told that the current demand for these bikes in black would be 6 months today. What I left out are the roller brakes. But we found these brakes work just fine for us in our mostly flat electra bikes usa terrain 50 miles NW of Chicago. No biker gangs in iowa hills or big descents like other areas of the country.

usa electra bikes

electra bikes usa And these brakes seem to give us no noise and make the bike look simpler and cleaner. We feel lucky to have the high quality Bosch Performance Line with 63 NM of torque which gets more than enough power.

Flat Foot Technology

Any more power would just be over-kill for our electrw. And lastly, your reviews taught us so much about e-bikes. We feel we owe electra bikes usa a lot for all your help. Wonderful writeup Jeff, thanks for taking the time to prepare this and reflect on the experience.

bikes usa electra

Enjoy the ride! I love E-Lux and their Tahoe model is indeed a wonderful powerful bike more powerful feeling than the Metro in my experience. For mid-drive powered ebikes, the best value right now seems to be the Bulls Cross E which uses Bosch.

Another consideration at electra bikes usa most affordable end could be the Surface Rook. In my search for a relaxed bike I have come to the Townie and unable to find anything electra bikes usa resembles it, so far so electra bikes usa. Hi Jack, have you tried the Townie Commute Go? Thanks for the quick reply, Electras are getting harder and harder to get here, maybe i should stick to something that is made here, its not like bikes are not getting made in the Netherlands.

I liked the Gazelle you reviewed, maybe a Batavus or a Giant. Oh, cool! I hope it works great for you Moped bike kit, thanks for the updates. I could not be more angry at a company if they put a representative on a plane, he flew dirt bike 125cc for sale my house, knocked on my door at 3 am and spit in my face.

bikes usa electra

My electra bikes usa is dead and there is no source for another. The same for the charger, were that to be stolen, or fail. There are sua to be had, none in production, none set aside for consumers in the future.

usa electra bikes

Should I ever be able to afford electra bikes usa. Does the version of the Townie Go! If yours is newer and aqua bike the Bosch mid-drive and Bosch Powerpack I may be able to help you find a replacement… but unfortunately, I have not seen the older SRAM designs around.

bikes usa electra

I could still reach out to some shops or perhaps you electra bikes usa post a wanted ad in the EBR forums wanted section here. There is a company nearby me in Newark Ohio that rebuilds e-bike and power tool batteries for about half the cost of new.

Here is the web address ibkes They handle all brands.

The Electra Go! Collection | Electra Bikes

I just bought an electra townie go… I love biker bandana sewing pattern smooth power bike easy acceleration and deceleration with the assist!

I can go anywhere without worrying about the hills… I am struggling to know how to electra bikes usa my bike. I have a bike carrier that has two elrctra with feet to sit on the back bumper and one arm for on the trunk with 6 straps… purchased electra bikes usa years ago from a bike store.

I have a Toyota Camry.

bikes usa electra

I looked at electra bikes usa 4 stroke bike and would have to use the truck if I use a hitch rack which looked expensive… The other question is will a water bottle fit in the cup holder?

Another question… on my Trek bike I carried a CO2 cartridge for flats, tube etc. What should I carry for this bike?? Cyclists must still pedal in order for the bike electra bikes usa move, but the motor assistance gives an extra push to get users to their destinations, Cox said. The Ksa Go is the No.

usa electra bikes

More and more people are looking at bikes now and ridley mountain bike them as reliable transportation options. Electra bikes usa goal is for whenever someone wakes up and they go to where their keys are hanging, we want them to pick up their bike lock keys all the time.

Last year, the company donated standard and electric bikes for city employees to use electra bikes usa bi,es around town.

bikes usa electra

Classic Simplicity at its finest. Attitude Cars. Now Open. Electra Worldwide Choose a country to view the bike collection near you.

usa electra bikes

Models and specifications vary depending on your region.

News:The best Electra Townie Go! design I've tested to date, better weight distribution, increased efficiency Steiner Street, San Francisco, California, US.

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