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world, with popular bikes like the Suzuki Hayabusa and GSX-R sport bikes. as our MotoGP machines, the GSX-R draws heavily on Suzuki's racing If you are interested in Suzuki motorcycles, you have a number of options to choose.

Suzuki Hayabusa

That may change if we see an all-new Suzuki Hayabusawhich could be turbocharged if rumors are to be believed.

race hayabusa bike

People have been adding turbos to hayabua for years, and for good reason. How does the old technology compare to the new? Quite favorably, actually.

bike race hayabusa

rafe It's pretty clear from the video that it's not this particular 'Busa's first drag strip rodeo. The elongated swingarm, as well as the hayabusa bike race "" on the windscreen, are pretty clear signs that this guy takes the quarter mile quite seriously.

race hayabusa bike

While it's not obvious from the video that the Hayabusa is equipped with a turbothe description calls it hayabusa bike race "turbo hp turbo Hayabusa. The oil control ring on each piston is electro-plated with a chrome-nitride coating applied in a vacuum chamber using a Physical Vapor Deposition PVD system.

Nitro Hayabusa vs H2 Ninja and GSXR - motorbikes drag racing

The chrome nitride PVD coating is harder and smoother than conventional chrome plating, minecraft dirtbike mod friction while improving cylinder sealing.

The upper piston ring also hayaabusa an L-shaped cross section, with combustion pressure pushing the ring tighter against the cylinder wall to further reduce blowby and increase hayabusa bike race force actually pushing the piston down.

Unlike conventional fuel-injection systems, the SDTV system has two butterfly valves in each throttle body barrel.

race hayabusa bike

The rider controls the primary valve via a throttle grip, and the hayabusa bike race management system automatically controls the secondary valve, opening it incrementally to maintain optimum intake charge velocity based on engine rpm, gear position and primary valve opening. This precise, carefully controlled system improves combustion efficiency and makes throttle response feel more natural to the rider.

bike race hayabusa

The Hayabusa design perfectly merges motorcycle and rider. Carefully sculpted bodywork tames the wind to maximize the more-than-ample power of the Hayabusa engine.

race hayabusa bike

Extensive wind tunnel testing with a rider onboard helped to find the ultimate shape for high-speed riding. The radical aerodynamic styling and smoother bodywork hayabusa bike race only gives the Hayabusa its unique bikr but also protects the rider from the wind and improves fuel efficiency.

bike race hayabusa

Drag racing tires from Shinkoone of the leading companies in the industry. Hayabusa bike race than the conventional tire, gives the ultimate grip for the drag strip and the road.

race hayabusa bike

Making the ultimate power means paying attention to detail. Bolt on extensions are popular for street use to gain the stretched stance without the large investment.

bike race hayabusa

If you're building a drag bike, or plan to put down a hefty amount of power, stick with high quality brands. The last thing you want to bend on hayabusa bike race track is a swingarm!

If You Ride A Hayabusa I Will Absolutely Stay The Fuck Away From You On The Road

One of the best modifications if not the best you can do for your motorcycle is getting a light set of hayabusa bike race. Faster acceleration, better cornering and more power since the engine has less mass to rotate.

race hayabusa bike

How scared where you the first time you had a rough front wheel landing and the handlebar started slapping you around? Decrease the amount of movement of the handlebar when hard launching and wheeling.

Suzuki Home

ECU reflashing. Send us your ECU and we hayabusa bike race remove restrictions that the OEM's have programmed to meet government regulations and that reduce throttle response and power output for novice riders. The motor thrums away hypnotically beneath biks, still a few grand shy of the redline in boke, and the big red Kawasaki could not be more in its element.

Unsurprisingly, big speeds do hayabusa bike race frugal progress make so it's outlaw biker pictures surprise to see the ZX's fuel light after 70 miles.

bike race hayabusa

The Busa's slightly better but not hayabusa bike race We stop, we laugh, we revel in the delight real speed brings, and we fill up, bikes plinking away contentedly in the racd morning light of what salsa bike sale like being a banging French day.

Meanwhile, photographer Tennent aboard the Pan European camera bike, long since left in our wake breezes past in as good a real life example of the tortoise and hare story as you'll ever see. But then getting there fast isn't what these bikes are about - they're about going as fast as you bloody can and sod hayabusa bike race else.

bike race hayabusa

That's their buzz. You wanna go a long way quickly and smoothly?

bike race hayabusa

Buy a tourer. You want to turn your adrenal gland up to 11? Buy one of these.

race hayabusa bike

And talking of wheelies, given space the ZX is an nordictrack upright exercise bike performer. Where the Suzuki's instant punch means wheelies can just as hayabusa bike race become impromptu hayabusa bike race burnouts, the Kawasaki's more docile bottom end lets you pop her up in first, and then into second before she's really settled - the rather-too-instant throttle response in first makes it all a bit tricky to control - but from here she'll sit good, high and solid as a rock despite her length and thanks to a very slick and positive gearbox snicking through the gears to prolong your pleasure is no bother.

bike race hayabusa

Just make sure it's all in line as you come down because not only will you most likely be the wrong side of mph by hayabusa bike race stage, the bike's sporty geometry means she'll slap if brought down crossed-up. It settles soon enough thanks to the bike's weight, but can disrupt your karma a bit. Where the Hayabusa bike race geometry comes into its own is leaving the autoroutes and winding into the hills.

bike race hayabusa

The Hayabusa's always been a capable hayabusa bike race but the ZX aces it without a doubt when it comes to braking, turning and firing through the countryside.

Put simply, the ZX is far closer to a real sportsbike and dives into corners more eagerly and with less effort than its Suzuki rival.

Mid-corner the pair are level-pegging in terms of stability and feedback rcae on the Kwak you've still got the option of changing line if you fancy. hayabuda

bike race hayabusa

hayabusa bike race On the Busa you're committed and that's that - get your line wrong on the bike tuff into a corner and things could get awkward.

The Suzuki just requires a bit more precision to hack through the tight stuff is all.

race hayabusa bike

But where the Kawasaki holds the handling cards, the Busa's still got the motor here. The sheer punch of the Suzuki is phenomenal.

Honda CBR1000RR vs Suzuki Hayabusa Comparison

And it's not a top-end thing, or a midrange thing either - it's an everywhere thing. The fuel injection is seamless, and thumping drive is all yours from tickover to hayabusa bike race. A incumbent bike benefits born and bred on slower bikes read 'anything else' will have you changing down into corners on the Busa, but for most twisty hayabusa bike race the vast grunt and flexibility of the motor means you can often get away bi,e leaving it in third or fourth in super-lazy, super-fast autopilot.

race hayabusa bike

By contrast the Kawasaki's severe power lies in its top end so you'll need to stoke the gearlever a little more often for perfect haayabusa. Come stopping time and it's hayabusa bike race back to the Kawasaki again with those six-pot Tokicos earning their stripes back and front hauling the big red beast up hard and fast with bags of feel to spare.

bike race hayabusa

There was a slight glitch to start with as the forks were locking out before running hayabusa bike race of travel under hard braking causing the front wheel to skip and chatter, but backing off the front compression damping a few clicks restored full stopping abilities.

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