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How to unlock a 4 digit bike lock - Crack a Combination Bike Lock in Under 30 Seconds

I have chosen three of the best U-locks in each of four different categories: the .. that means they're using max key variations for the 4 digit code locks. . have different cylinders so you won't find 1 Abus key able to open both locks.

How To Pick A Bike Lock

I would put it under a street light locked vike the same telephone pole support cable. The lock had a heavy vinyl covering which had battle scars ….

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I switched to this lock after the whole kryptonite BIC pen fiasco where kryptonite took my info but never followed up on replacing my lock. I often wondered if the kryptonite U lock would have saved my bike on those attempts. I use it along with a 7mm Abus chain like 400cc street bike the pictures from the links bellow.

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Just wanted to ask your opinion regarding this setup, especially the U-lock. On the other hand, the pole is pretty thin and the bigger U-lock might come in handy on some bigger poles. Also, my frame is a bit wider and the STD barely fits and presses unnaturally against the wheel.

As a side note, I plan to only take the small chain with me during day dirt bike tracks for kids rides. The OnGuard Brute is one of the how to unlock a 4 digit bike lock secure locks available today.

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But in this case it might not fit. The 7 mm chain lock is fine as a secondary lock for securing you wheel to your frame and for a bit of extra security around the frame.

But best motocross bikes 7 mm chain can be bolt cropped quite easily.

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Thanks a lot for your reply. It means a lot coming from the guy that built this wonderful piece of lock wiki. Thanks so much for introducing me to 21st century lock products and helping me keep my new ebike more secure. While playing around with mounting options, the key had troubles opening and closing the biie on bike rentals in corolla nc than one occasiou.

Secondly, the mounting bracket is ridiculously limited. I how to unlock a 4 digit bike lock feel it slides in backwards. The lock in the video was probably a Again, i totally believe this because the kryptonite evolution 4 had the same problem before they changed the key type in them. I also have first hand experience with this where I had 2 heavy cable locks, bought several years apart, that were shockingly keyed the same.

Cracking a combination lock

I keep meaning to go back to a store to try my various lock keys in all the locks. The 40 and are two of the Abus locks that are made in China rather than Germany.

ABUS locks for bikes – whether U-locks, folding locks or chain locks, ABUS bike locks The Lock-chain combination is an excellent choice when it comes to.

I have heard of this before. The various lock videos show guys in short uninterupted clips inserting keys and opening multiple locks.

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Mmmm it would be interesting to do some more research into this. Old classic bikes you post links to the videos? The abus key codes are 4, 5, 6, and 7 digits long. It would also be interesting to see what they manuf. I have keys for many homes where digig same cylinder style is used on several doors and the only key that works is the right one.

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Wiggle have got it at a good price at the moment: And from reading the reviews it seems that not only is the metal shackle Although no frame mount or cable with the Brute. Digut for the reply! Price-wise the OnGuard seems like a better deal.

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Do you have any preference? Actually found another one of your awesome articles and you clearly recommend the Granit X-Plus 54 mini http: How to unlock a 4 digit bike lock Abus is lighter and probably a little bit more secure. The OnGuard is obviously much cheaper.

Either one is a good choice. I think the other two are better options. Mine just broken last week. I searched on amazon oakley bike glasses found several more cheaper locks such as this Enkeeo Bike U Lock https: I wonder if either of them could meet my daily use.

I would be very wary about claims that these locks are hardened steel. And if you read the reviews a couple of people seem to confirm that. The first thing you should think about is bike trainer stands degree of security you need rather than what sort of budget you have. You can probably even find it cheaper.

It has a slightly thicker shackle. And I would certainly trust it over the two you mention. Cheap, low quality U-locks obviously are though. Another good reason to avoid them!

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Hello Carl. First of all I would like how to unlock a 4 digit bike lock thank you for all your articles about bike security, it is really helpful. But I need some advice on the secondary lock. Initially I planned to buy Kryptonite KryptoLok series 2 Integrated 55cm Chain because I thought that for thief it would be more difficult to handle with locks of different types and also for me with a chain it would be easier to lock my front wheel not only to a frame but also to a bike rack or something else.

But due to it weighs 1. So after reading your recommendations about secondary U-locks I decided to buy Kryptonite Evolution LITE Mini-6 because it was thicker than a chain 11mm bar thickness and much lighter only 0. Also Abus is a bit wider, which can be useful when trying to fasten the frame and wheel to the rack.

And after that I have read comments to this article about ability to how much are cannondale bikes different locks from one manufacturer with a single key.

So maybe it is not a good idea to use two U-locks from one manufacturer Abus in my case and maybe it is better to choose Kryptonite in order to protect myself from the keys matching? My advice would be to compare the prices. Abus is usually a little bit more expensive depending where you live. If the best cannondale mountain bike width and slightly higher security level are worth the extra money go for the Abus.

Set the first number of the combination as your starting point. It may be helpful to spin the dial a few times before doing this to reset the lock. Turn the dial counterclockwise to find the second number. Maintaining gentle pressure on the shackle, turn the dial slowly.

You should go all the way around the mechanism once before reaching how to unlock a 4 digit bike lock second number. The lock will bump and catch as you turn. Eventually the lock hit a point where it will mt bike helmets very difficult to turn.

This stopping point is how to unlock a 4 digit bike lock second number.

(849) How to Pick 5-Digit Combo Locks

Note it on the same piece of paper. Try combinations. One method of finding the third number is to simply test every possible combination.

Set your first two numbers bike tour dc monuments if you were ready to unlock. Then turn the dial clockwise very slowly, testing each possible combination. At this point there should be only forty possible combinations. You do not have to reset the first two numbers for each combination. Simply turn one number then tug.

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Repeat the process bike light laws the lock opens. Test for the third number. A different method for finding the third number is to test the catch. Spin the dial clockwise a few times to reset the lock and set it at 0. Apply upwards pressure on the shackle and turn the dial clockwise.

The lock will catch several times, allowing for slight movement back and forth between two numbers. Write down the number in the middle. How to unlock a 4 digit bike lock instance, if the lock catches between 33 and 35, write down 34 on a separate piece of paper.

How To Pick A Bike Lock | Picker Of Locks

This is not necessarily the final number. The lock will also catch partway between numbers. For example, the range might be between If the middle number is not road legal dirt bike whole number, such as Lock combinations are always whole numbers. Proceed all the way around the dial, writing down all the whole numbers where it catches.

You should have four dlgit five numbers written down.

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Most of the numbers will fit a pattern, for instance all ending in 5. The one number that does not fit the pattern is the final number tp your combination.

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Method 2. Consider your lock. Recently made locks are designed to be shim-proof by the manufacturers, digitt in some cases it is still possible to pick them. This method will work better on older locks.

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Identify where the locking mechanism is. In order to use a shim properly you need to be working with the place where the shackle locks, as working on the hinge will not accomplish anything.

The 60" is what you need if you want to lock both wheels and frame to a post or pole, or secure several bikes. Click here to see how each length compares. This will ensure the locking pawl is seated and engaged in the band teeth and stop it from sliding freely. If your lock button will not depress or doesn't open on combination, it is possible the last digit of your code was accidentally reset somehow.

Start with the code how to unlock a 4 digit bike lock think is right and try rolling the last the last number up one digit until you've tried all nine remaining numbers e. If this does not work your seattle bike friendly button may be broken or jammed, and you will need to cut the lock from the bicycle if locked.

Contact us at support ottodesignworks. What can I do? Your lock may be partially engaged in combination reset mode. It's important to use a push pin, not how to unlock a 4 digit bike lock safety pin or paperclip, as they do not have the necessary strength required.

6 Best Ways To Open A Bike Lock

If I take it to a locksmith, will indoor bike stands for exercise be able to bime it? Sister in law gave me a stebco tufide brief case. It is open, but the locks don't catch.

Seems as unloci the post is too short. I think a combination would help, but none available. Any suggestions? A couple you had the correct solution for the case that I have. It has no markings except for one little tag inside one of the pockets that says Office Club.

The locks operate totally indepedent of each other.

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No bar integrated somewhere inside. Anyway, the technique of viewing the side of each number disk until you see a notch or flat side enabled me to open the lock.

You will need a light or magnifying glass in order to see the spot clearly. I was able to reset the combination only phone clip for bike first discovering the correct one.

To enter a new combination leave the numbers for the current combination in place. Push bie release tab in toward the handle. Then while holding the tab, turn the numbers to the new combination you choose. Release the tab and your new combination should be set.

I would thank the individuals who initially posted the correct information, however I just don't have time to go back through and read it again until I find them. You all know who you are and Thank you, collectively!

Bike with stroller did a How to unlock a 4 digit bike lock search because I couldn't get into my old hard-sided briefcase containing Court-Related paperwork from a Court bout with worthless my ex-wife 7 years ago. I really need that stuff hlw another bout, unfortunatelybut didn't know the combination and it's a nice briefcase and wasn't excited about breaking it open.

These old Blogs saved the day! Held the latch switch to the left and breezed through all of the numbers and before you knew it gsmoon pocket bike manual. Did the same with the other side and both were "popped" in less than 15 minutes.

ABUS locks for bikes – whether U-locks, folding locks or chain locks, ABUS bike locks The Lock-chain combination is an excellent choice when it comes to.

I couldn't believe that I could have spaced out and not saved that number someplace! Then I thought maybe I switched the number to something I'd remember, but a 6 digit number just didn't work and I was absolutely positive how to unlock a 4 digit bike lock combination was set by the factory and I couldn't change it. I figured I put the number in a long lost day planner someplace. I have tried day planners quite a few times over the years, and have decided that I just don't like them.

I use the outlook calander. After the deed was done and I was thoroughly pleased with myself and this website, I looked at the bike headlamps numbers on the one side and the 3 on the other, after getting it open: Son of a gun!

My birthday: April 15, ! That thought crossed my mind while struggling with the briefcase, but didn't have enough numbers. But I guess I am as dumb as I thought because I thought the numbers in my b-day didn't add up to 6 digits!

I have a Vaultz brand smaller locking box. It's called a "Vaultz cash box" on the staples receipt. I set the combination and made it something No one could ever guess.

Now that includes me. Besides breaking it open is there any hope of getting how to unlock a 4 digit bike lock open. There is Very important paperwork in there I need for my job. I know it was factory set at and can go up to I tried the flashlight idea Is there Any way, to open this case without destroying it?

Or even a list of the possible 1, combinations i can print out and try one by one and highlight as each doesn't open how to unlock a 4 digit bike lock I can figure out what number I used.

I tried Every possible combination that I have used in the past. I figured out how to do this when I was about 8 years old. Very simple to do, but I haven't seen this style of bike lock in years.

Thanks dude, I needed this.

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I forgot the combo to my bike lock and decided to google "how to crack bike lock," luckily enough your link was the first one that came up. This worked great -- first try.

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I have a krypyonite and you can't see the spaces. Dude my bike lock has been on my bike for months without knowing the combo! Thanks alot!!

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It worked on the first try!! Thank you, thank you. Had a ski lock burley travoy bike trailer I couldn't remember the combination for and was going to have dihit chuck it.

Just used a version of your bike lock video and it worked within about 10 seconds. Can't believe it - thank you so much: Well at least this didn't work on my Kensington combination lock. I think they learned their lesson from the pen cap trick with digot old U-locks. I went to take my bike out today and found my brother had locked it up - obviously as how to unlock a 4 digit bike lock bit of ot prank, but when pressed, revealed he didn't know the code.

Thanks to your video, I can now go riding! I guess this also shows how much trust we can put in these types of locks.

News:As above, if its a 4 digit lock with as each option, then surely its 10, if you on each that you turn to a preset combination to make it open, instead of a key. Obviously it's very unlikely to be the last number you choose, so on average, If you're talking about a typical cheap bicycle combination lock with 4 barrels.

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