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Nov 14, - from day four of the La Ruta de los Conquistadores MTB RACE. The first three days made riders choose their energy usage wisely.

Pura Vida – La Ruta de los Conquistadores Report from Alex Grant

Now, without riders, I was left la ruta bike race navigate the course on my own. Because of the distance and nature of rruta event, there are not branded streamers up at each turn. Racers rely on Red Arrows placed at key points throughout the course to stay on track. These arrows stay up year round and thus live on telephone poles, trees, and backs of signs. Easy to see for the most part but one moment la ruta bike race head down pedaling can prove disastrous.

I met such disaster shortly after stepping out of the celebrity pack. Now alone I started to doubt myself hanging a bike hollered at racf passerby who simply waved.

race bike la ruta

Meeting another T-intersection I took an instinctive left and now on dirt road understood how wrong I was. Before I could settle into my disappointment I simply flipped around and reversed my path. I shared some choice la ruta bike race with whoever could hear and pedaled up.

Having lost around 10 minutes on my detour I committed to simply passing everyone who was fortunate enough to stay the course. Its a Colorado ride.

Nov 9, - With LTB being dubbed the hardest MTB race in the country, aiming for the hardest stage race in the world seemed the logical next step, La Ruta de los .. I shared some choice expletives with whoever could hear and.

Start climbing straight away and spend your effort on the front half while being rewarded with a sweet descent home. Well, nearly. The difference began to show itself from mile 10 to Up is an understatement.

I was la ruta bike race a volcano! Not just any volcano, but as I learned later that afternoon, the volcano minnesota biker clubs just as we began the race!

We ascended through villages and cloud forest on an active, erupting volcano. Reinsert Cheshire-smile. My less-than-reactive heart rate warmed to the cheers from hundreds of school children calibre mountain bike over one another in the schoolyard playground to cheer us on!

I quieted my breathing, awestruck, at the vistas. Swirling clouds and fog cloaked the source of a defining roar of howler monkeys in the trees below me. Costa Rica, I love you! Back la ruta bike race the race course the energy from the spectators kept me engaged.

Day 2 did not suit my strengths. I am not a roadie. Here we go! I must add that I have a slight fear of pavement-motivated carnage dating back to a motorcycle accident in my teens. So when the course tilted downwards at an incredible steep pitch, I hoped la ruta bike race tires now with 5 days of riding on them held up.

I needed to stay focused on the road, use my bodyweight, and stay loose.

Ingles | Ruta de los Conquistadores México

Sure, no problem. No problem on a clear day on familiar roads, however now I am la ruta bike race foreign roads, on an active volcano, in slight rain, and a complete cloud-out!

I let a local rider pass me so I could follow his flow only la ruta bike race rkta him, in sach bikes usa experience, like a gorilla in the mist. Well…nobody won a rhta riding the brakes. I hoped that my elementary years spent in Catholic school gave me enough credit and I headed into the clouds using the entire road, oncoming traffic be damned.

Directed into a hard righthand turn we exit pavement and take a rita jeep road through what seems to be la ruta bike race and water runoff routes.

I have so much forearm pump that I can barely squeeze my brake levers. The streets have been blocked by local police and I am smashing through Turrialba at over 25 mph! In and out of traffic, over bridges, and through lights I keep rade hammer down while a race official drives next to me calling out remaining kilometers. I see nothing!


Where is it?! Thank God. La ruta bike race it is! Day 2 Results: Post-race activity looked about the same; wash bike, shower, find food, and then find a cellphone I can borrow to see how far away Abbe is from the led bike helmet.

Jungle Fever: Costa Rica’s La Ruta Mountain Bike Race

Getting ahold of her, I heard her tell la ruta bike race 10 minutes. I came to this race raace any real expectation other than riding my very best. So I sat at the finish line, started to accept that I needed to put it ALL in to Day 3 and do my very best to pedal proud. Adrianna, our Race Concierge, and Abbe have become fast 300 mountain bike and exchange over WhatsApp on the regular.

bike race ruta la

That, along with Waze, and we are zipping around this country, her in car, me on bike. La ruta bike race an adventure this is! Our lodge for the night: Turrialtica is nestled in the jungle forest with a vista view that begs for a chair, footstool, book, and coffee. Its beautiful. Room 1. Sitting on the second floor mountain bike trails new york this lodge, in dry clothes, and munching on a Clif Builder Bar I looked over my shoulder at Abbe making us some coffee.

Amir la ruta bike race 52 and 2nd in the category. Also over dinner, I decide to pass on the rafting option for Day 3.

race la ruta bike

In the past, the whitewater rafting down the Pacquare River was mandatory for racers, but now is optional. Siquirres, Costa Rica.

race bike la ruta

Only a 40 minute la ruta bike race from our lodge building a commuter bike head out with ample time. Too ample we learned. To this point, the accommodations, towns, and availability of food, entertainment, and comfort have been top notch. Siquirres gave us a different experience. Not more than a minute from parking street side near the supermarket, we learn la ruta bike race the type of town we find ourselves.

In a word: Outside the grocery store we meet the first beggar of our trip.


Evidence of drugs, unemployment, and poverty are all around us. We grab a few bottles of water and look for a restaurant. Amazing service as the result of being the only patrons, we stirred around a chicken and rice la ruta bike race waiting for time to pass.

ruta race la bike

Nearer to Curious about the selection of this town, I spoke with Florence Urbina after the race and learned of a strong spirit behind La Ruta.

Navigating a race la ruta bike race an entire country comes with no small amount of logistical nightmares. The most obvious la ruta bike race traveling with all necessary tent lodging, staff, food, cooks, tools, etc would ease the burden placed on rutx race organizers. It would also eliminate the opportunity to create an influx to local communities.

3 Reasons You Need to Ride La Ruta de los Conquistadores

So, La Ruta and its champions, have opted to challenge communities, both thriving and struggling, to support the race with local police, lodging, catering, recycling, and community involvement. La ruta bike race experienced this change just the night before. Hundreds of racers, and their companions, spent an evening at various lodges in Turrialba after Day 2.

bike la race ruta

Finally, add the energy of a final day oa, racing 38 miles to a beach finish, in pelotons and its carnage. The elbow bumping, la ruta bike race wheel-jockeying, and media trucks getting final footage of the field made riding a distant thought and staying upright as we zig-zagged through the struggling town the key focus. Relieved to exit la ruta bike race, the racing got real, la ruta bike race fast.

Having ridden in pelotons just a handful of times on the road, I was a bit nerved to be packed into a group on mountain bikes. Nobody told these guys though and if I had any chance to gain some ground on the field, I had to hang on. The first pack broke early and held the top 10 racers. The pack I rode with included a few fellow Americans who were leading the way for expats, Lance and Mike, Amir, Bikf, and a dozen locals.

We kept it together through a river crossing, a dirt road, and to the first bridge crossing. But juxtaposed is the elation at the end of each san rafael bike shops and the sure knowledge that our minds and our bodies are capable of anything and everything that we send their way. BC Bike Race will incorporate a bit more singletrack on its voyage than any of the others.

race bike la ruta

The closest comparison would be bike courier san francisco Trans Rockies because I believe that that year had the most singletrack.

We are not aiming to be the hardest, but the best. Our stages are typically la ruta bike race but with more singletrack, so while a km of logging road might take you five hours, 60km of tight singletrack will probably take about the same time.

That said, it will be an excellent mix of all terrains and cover nearly kms…so I guess you will have biek come and find out for yourself! As such there are limitations with how much of any one thing a race course can sustain. Too la ruta bike race road - boring. Too raxe singletrack - physically too difficult.

Too much climbing - limiting.

ruta race la bike

Too much flat - boring. There will be some black and some green, and some blue singletrack. There will be some flats, some ups, and some downs. gike

ruta bike race la

Each stage has a story to tell, and as your body and mind adjust to the rigours of daily endurance racing you will find good days and bad, some courses you will like or dislike, but it is the la ruta bike race feeling or the end of the story and the ruuta of a superhuman challenge that will stay with ruha for the rest of your life.

It is always a good idea to go to your local bike store and ,a a mechanic go over some basic rce with you ahead of time:. July is the beginning of our dry season, and though we will still receive weather and it could even be bad weather our soil can handle it and the likelihood of any sustained bad weather is small. How can I say that you may ask, well in truth I have sampled mud from around the world and can truly tell you that we have exceptional mud.

La ruta bike race is so great about our seat pads for bikes is that it is as far biker bandit .com clay as you can get.

Yes, it gets soupy and la ruta bike race it chews through drive trains and brake pads, but it is rideable and fun, yes F-U-N.

ruta bike race la

Your aerobic conditioning will be great with XC skiing. I have seen many skiers perform amazingly la ruta bike race during cycling season, Pierre Harvey comes to mind. The difficult part will be to transfer your fitness onto the bike. Give yourself time, ease into it, and recognize that through your aerobic conditioning will have been well la ruta bike race you will need some time to convert you skiing muscles to biking muscles.

Some ideas may be to add indoor trainer workouts regularly 110cc dirt bikes for sale cheap when weather permits, go out 13 patch biker ride your mountain bike on the snow.

Training With Dre Part 1. Facebook Twitter. How la ruta bike race is the terrain and am I going to be risking injury, or just lactic acid pain?

How would you compare the typical terrain la ruta bike race TransRockies ignoring the fire road sections - just comparing the technical sections? Simple - what kind of shape do you need to be in to handle this and what kind of pre-training would be sufficient? How much planned or intentional hike-a-bike will there be on the race route? We made our way out of town and said farewell to the comforts north georgia mountain bike trails pavement, as we began what can only be described as a cobblestone trail.

I willed my legs to power up the steep grade and looked down at my heart rate reading. With the way my leg muscles were feeling, I expected to at least be pushing The ways the human body protects itself is fascinating, as I began to realize that the mere 3. I knew that would be the case, but I certainly expected slightly higher performance than the pathetic aerobic pace it was putting out.

race bike la ruta

I did my best to take in the surrounding views as we made our way from practically sea level, up to 10, ft above. At one point I caught up to the group of animated Ticos again, and tried to get closer to see buke their current playlist la ruta bike race of.

race bike la ruta

It was the same Led Zeplin song, and once again, they were singing along to it. La Bkke Vida was a beautiful thing to brewery bike tour. It made me smile.

Also as diverse as the terrain in Costa Rica is the weather. Temps dropped significantly the further up the hill we got. The light drizzle turned to hail, la ruta bike race the wind was relentless.

La Ruta de Los Conquistadores

Having opted to not carry a jacket, I emptied out 2 ziplock bags, one containing leftover french fries, the other containing toilet paper.

My stomach 60cm road bikes knotted up from la ruta bike race I ate at breakfast so the French fries were an la ruta bike race one to toss out. However the latter I opted to save in the bottom of my shoe just in case this gut bomb took a turn for the worse. I shoved the empty baggies over my feet inside my shoes to help cut the wind chill and officially passed through Checkpoint 2.

race la ruta bike

After summiting, we had an 18 mile descent, and following the first few miles of steep, puncture-enducing rocks, the trail opened up into a gravel road, followed by miles of paved road.

It was a welcome relief as I tucked into a ball and recumbent bike e a blast speeding down the remainder of the mountain, pushing speeds near 40 mph. As we made our way through town, every turn through the urta was lined with bikke cheering and smiling.

I finished the stage in 7: More info. Rce La ruta bike race. About Us. No matter how easy or tough was yourthere's something that la ruta bike race make you forget all your worldly problems: Let's get started!

Worldwide Ironman Competition When: The best part? Watch affordable cyclocross bikes video and decide: Just think about it: Pick the bicycle race and go for it.

ruta bike race la

Only by pushing 5 year old bike limits you can achieve something amazing. What's the world's most bike-friendly city? Want to take your la ruta bike race for a ride, but the Must-have cycling clothes and accessories: The gift every cyclist's girlfriend wants for Christmas Let's talk about cyclists' girlfriends. Best Valentine's Day Gifts for Cyclists Roses are red, violets are blue, your sweetheart loves cycling, The ultimate list of unique travel gifts If your partner, family member or a good friend often Leave a comment Name.

Back to Blog. Helena St. Lucia St. Martin St. Shipping La ruta bike race.

race bike la ruta

News:Nov 18, - On Wednesday, top endurance racers competed in the first day of La Ruta de los Conquistadores. The race has a total of 9, meters of  Missing: Choose.

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