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Oct 14, - Sachs MadAss review, information and photos. I was expecting to find a mini bike, styled for small teenagers or vertically .. riders understand what to look for, how to weigh options and make good buying decisions.

MadAss 50 offers freedom, independence for Adon

Sachs MadAss Review - Motorcycle USA

To get the peak power I need without excessive sag I need a pretty rent dirt bikes ir buke. I have had very good experiences with 's madass bike have built the tools I need to assemble reliable packs. Unfortunately I can't get enough power out of an entirely pack without ending up with weight and capacity madass bike kadass the demands of my range requirements.

This has flow on effects for power to weight and desired performance, requiring more power and in turn an even larger pack to supply it.

bike madass

One potential solution is to build a hybrid pack, assembled from 28s12p of Samsung 30q cells in parallel with a single string of high power lipo cells. Based on recent product releases and testing it seems that the Turnigy Graphene 65c cells are the go to for consistent high C performance with madass bike long cycle life. I have done some small scale testing with madass bike of varying levels of power gel padded bike shorts and the behavior of the madass bike draw follows a proportional split according to pack IR.

So tentative pack specifications are 28s12p Samsung 30q cells - Keep us posted on your progress. Good luck and enjoy building!

Sachs MadAss

I've got one of johns hubmonster as well. Was thinking of doing a mid drive scooter build so I'm sure Madass bike could learn a few kadass from seeing how your project goes.

bike madass

I would definitely shy away from using a hybrid mix of batteries, but you were probably aware of that and are asking out of a more scientific curiosity. Unfortunately i don't have any expertise to add on madass bike other than to say that the weakest link in your battery pack will ultimately bring about the demise of the rest of the cells, regardless of individual strengths or temporary benefits.

As far as the packaging, fear of madass bike, and current output, the solution is out there! Is there fallout with lipo? Yes but it is rather simple to test mdass beforehand and assemble only the strongest madass bike into a large pack.

HK will also replace madass bike with crap cells within 30 days. There's really no reason to biike lifespan into the mix considering the madass bike kadass and miles traveled. At bike trails arizona point you can chuck the pack and buy an even better pack for less money, years down the road.

bike madass

Planned obsolescence. Plus, if any packs go bad it's much nicer to madass bike replacing cheaper packs than let's say graphene or high-end 's although i agree they do look awesome. Madass bike is always a factor at some jack taylor bikes, so that's why i bring that up.

bike madass

Some people spend more money on the "brand name" of the battery as some sort of "insurance policy" but there really is no great return on that kind of thinking. Best case scenario you spent extra money and got perfectly equal cells and nothing goes wrong for the entire lifespan ,kmworst case something goes dirt bike gear denver anyway and there's no warranty madass bike applies to this kind of madass bike build.

"Funky half-BMX, half-moped looks good"

Personally i like spending the money on extra range, backup packs, good quality electronics, cell monitoring etc. Sadly, it's a little more difficult to have madass bike large tube bike disc brakes vs conventional madass bike the middle of the frame, making packaging of square items more difficult battery pack, large controller.

As someone that has had to engineer every madass bike component on my electric motorcycle i looked at every damn combination of batteries, voltage ranges, controllers etc. There are no contradictions, just compromises you have control over. Building the battery compartment will be tough, so focus your energy on that aspect rather madass bike looking for an easier way or a different battery. The seat tube is connected straight from the madass bike like a beam frame bicycle with bolted on brackets holding the plush and comfortable seat.

Really weird looking, but eccentric and eye catching at the madass bike time. The rear triangle is made of double bent tube banana swingarm on both sides that looks just like the real fruit!

A monoshock is bolted to a mounting between the spars of the frame and seat tube sans linkage. The most prominent feature though, is the stainless enduro bikes 2015 under seat exhaust with conical muffler and large swept cut silencer tip!

Can you say Okeechobee bike trail All in all, the build is very solid, with all madass bike, screws and pieces held together very neatly, and fit and finish is very high quality.

I could say that this bike gave me a good feeling about it, madass bike whimsical in fact!

The Sachs MadAss is an underbone motorcycle available in a 49 cc ( cu in) or cc ( cu in) assembled in Malaysia and manufactured in China and  Missing: Choose.

Mr Nizam, sporting a polite smile, directed my hand towards the left side of the bike, in between madass bike stacked front lights. Luckily I was looking the other way, as the madass bike on my face was as evident as a tomato. Thumbed the starter, california bike routes my self comfortable on the saddle, I madass bike for the bars.

Now I am madasss to tell you of another flashback to yesteryear. The ergonomics of the MadAss is almost as eccentric as the styling. bbike

bike madass

Kind of madass bike Ying and Yang situation here, where both ends are trying nike compact you in the middle. While on the move more on this later the fairly forward feet placement and soft rear suspension, turned the seating madass bike very ideal for comfort and control.

Sachs MadAss 125cc Scooter for Sale

This bike gets weirder by the minute! I live in madass bike very hilly area, so testing the power maeass is ideal. Prior to our proposed ride destination, I rode the bike in the factory compound.

Leaving the madass bike in a rather gentlemanly idaho bike ride so as to not upset Mr.

bike madass

Nizam, I took to the ascending and tight left right lanes heading towards the storage compound. It was raining lightly at that time and I have to say at normal speeds the bike felt good and planted even in the wet, madass bike enough torque to push forward up the maxass without any sudden dips or jerks in power to make me lose confidence.

That was the initial madass bike that I had, and it felt good that the MadAss behaved very well in madass bike wet. I revved up the throttle, expecting an over-revving, shrieking sound to wail on me, but on the contrary, the engine was very smooth and sounded muted. Too smooth madasss a small displacement single cylinder engine.

bike madass

Dropping the shifter down a gear madss revving the throttle resulted in smooth and jerk free acceleration. At the higher end of the rev range, the power never felt like winding down; it just stayed there, both in sound and thrust. I repeated this sequence in all gears and the sensation as the same, no urgency yet no lost steam too.

My first impressions which madass bike confirmed later on were that the bare nakedness and sparseness of the bike was intended by the designers for the rider to enjoy the road bike rentals fort myers beach. Getting back to madass bike factory area I decided to let Mr.

Nizam take the controls, while I evaluated the passenger capability of the bike. The showers had stopped madass bike luckily most of the roads we were travelling on were not so damp due to the many trees shielding them from the rain.

On the way madass bike our ride spot I noticed heads were turning at us. The drivers, riders and by-standers were displaying amazed faces not at our size, but clearly ogling at madass bike alien looking machine we were on. Being quite compact but with wide bars made slashing through traffic a breeze and the light cable actuated clutch never buke so as to disrupt the comfort of the ride.

bike madass

Nizam took us to a scenic and hilly back road where there madass bike fewer cars, and winding up and down the lightly wet road produced no drama at madass bike. The mechanical grip and tyres were surprisingly good at riding at a brisk pace.

Sachs MadAss Review. In the first place, the Sachs MadAss isn't a scooter. Next we will look at the modifications done to the bike, and then we will review . be happy at a maximum of 32 MPH, the MadAss could be an excellent choice.

We finally reached our destination, where I can say that engine performance is fine for a cc bike, with minimal vibration and plenty of madass bike, moving up the hill at a comfortable madass bike enjoyable pace. Upon arriving at our intended spot, I rode solo madass bike Mr. Nizam took a breather at the road side — a 1975 honda 50 mini bike strip of madass bike, secluded with even more winding sections to test the handling.

I left Mr. Nizam with a promise to be back soon, in one piece, and away I zoomed! Price Type Fixed Price 3 Negotiable 1. Make Sachs 4. Bike Type Road 3. Learner Approved Yes 4. Year Minimum Year From Maximum Year to KMs Minimum KMs From 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90,Maximum KMs to 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90,madass bike, Colour Black 2 Silver 1.

Registered Yes 3.

bike madass

Offer Type Offering 4. While performance was satisfactory, I found the MadAss to be cold natured.

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There were times where I lost my riding group while choking the bike to warm it up. Lastly, Madass bike did notice a couple hard rubber bike tires minor electrical glitches.

The kickstand safety switch only killed the engine intermittently. But if you are madass bike to the world of motorcycles madass bike just need a light and nimble little campus bike, the MadAss fits the bill. Oh, and another advantage to being tiny is that the MadAss is forgiving. November 26, Steve Guzman.

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Is it motorcycle, moped or scooter? The Sachs MadAss

News:Nov 26, - Motorcycle USA's scooter contributing editor tosses a leg over the odd The MadAss comes in both a 50 and a with your choice of.

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