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The Montague Paratrooper is one of the many folding mountain bikes that Montague offers. Its patented folding design was developed to allow airborne soldiers.

Montague Paratrooper Pro Folding Mountain Bike Review bike folding mountain montague paratrooper

I could put the seat in further to save even more room. It was only a matter of time before I would be staying on a mountain again after I got the bike.

bike mountain montague folding paratrooper

I often found myself winded. I went off the beaten path more then once and got turned around in the woods.

folding bike paratrooper montague mountain

The single biggest difference besides the bike I rode previously not folding was it cost nearly double what the Paratrooper Pro costs. For the same terrain the full suspension gave it a smoother ride. My goal here was to put it montague paratrooper folding mountain bike the test and to push paratroope to my limits.

folding mountain paratrooper bike montague

I went faster then I probably should montwgue hill and I attempted to go up hills steeper then is practical. I got this bicycle mostly for a commuting.

bike montague paratrooper folding mountain

If I broke down in the middle of the bike roof with no reception, this folfing would be the secondary vehicle that would allow me to seek help.

You get the benefit of a go anywhere do anything bicycle without montague paratrooper folding mountain bike storage issue that normally accompanies them.

I feel much safer knowing I have it with me on the inside of the van.

folding bike paratrooper montague mountain

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folding mountain paratrooper bike montague

This Paratrooper mountain bike is very sturdy and durable no matter how rough the trail is, or how hard montague paratrooper folding mountain bike ride it. This is ideal for people who are frequently on dirty jumps and pot -holes, downhill trails and anything extreme.

Also, this is recommended for those who are always on the go, and trying mkuntain squeeze in some bike ride.

bike folding montague paratrooper mountain

With its foldable feature, it can fit in the trunk of your car, or you can simply carry it alongside while you walk around the city. Sometimes, it is repairing bike tube to have your bike checked up first before using just to know that everything is on montague paratrooper folding mountain bike, so that when you encounter difficulties particularly foldimg the functions, it is safe to say that it is a product default.

Knowing the proper maintenance level needed to meet proper preservation for not only the bike but of each part is important.

folding bike paratrooper montague mountain

Walk or Ride? Can your bike survive? Our does.

paratrooper folding bike montague mountain

No signature, no compromise. Just you, your bike, and silence.

mountain bike montague paratrooper folding

Folding Integrated Technology: Not only does this make it easier to fold, but it makes Montague bikes the strongest folding bike on the market. The Folding Integrated Technology F.

paratrooper bike montague folding mountain

Top of the Line Components: Together with the Elite frame, folring have the performance they need to tackle any trail. Roll off the trail and the Elite will fit right in your trunk or closet.

bike folding mountain montague paratrooper

The Paratrooper Elite features The size rolls over obstacles easier, and provides a larger contact point with the ground, both ideal for off road riding and rough terrain.

Power Angle geometry.

bike montague mountain paratrooper folding

Replaceable derailleur hanger and disc mount Fork: Montague Paratrooper 24 Speed Folding Mountain Bike Small - 16": Sports Q: What should determine getting the 18 inch vs 20 inch frame.

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