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[email protected] Facebook Great for riders who want a sweet bike but know that it's the engine that counts. Colour. Choose an option.

Niner Declares Bankruptcy Before Sale

For the bike Baskets Bottles Mudguards Stickers. My Cart.

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Find your ideal size Your height in cm. Niner bikes for sale haven't found any matches. Please, measure yourself again quad bike cost check that the values entered are in cm. Thank you! This is your recommended size Bokes you are not convinced the size shown is for you, send us a mail or call us for more information.

Dec 1, - Niner, the manufacturer of 29er mountain bikes, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy ahead of its planned sale next year. RELATED: Choose Your Wheel Size With the New Niner Air 9 Hardtail Mountain Bike. "For decades, there.

niner bikes for sale If you have any questions, contact us and we'll help. Add to Wishlist. Size Choose an Option Submit your email to get notified when this product is back in stock. Choose an Option Niner bikes for sale to Cart Adding to your bag Sometimes all that is needed fkr a reset and some fresh capital.

Happens all the time in the business world. I gave no idea if Niner will suceed, but deals like this are very bike ergo in the business world. Fix-the-Spade Mar 21, at 9: Investors say they want to change nothing so they can get ownership with as little resistance as possible. I have yet to meet investors who said they bukes no plans to make changes and meant it. Sweet Jesus you people just don't quit with bikee "old geometry"not slack enough, no market niche, hope they crash and burn bullshit.

What first interested you in a Niner bike? Why did you choose. designs, reviews, and the fact you could buy their frames online and utilize  Niner Bikes [Archive] - Forums -

Around here those bikes work and work well. I currently own nothing but Niner's.

sale for niner bikes

I've had the fsr suspension, niner cva, yeti niner bikes for sale and nothing is as simple or works as well FOR ME as the niner cva. From a jet9 to the wfo current rip I now niber. This flavor of fot niner bikes for sale bike modding has to stop.

Or at least I hope it would. It's different strokes for different folks you bunch of dude-bro-man Internet bad ass's. Ghostifari Mar 20, at I wish I could double prop this comment!

Niner Bikes RLT 9 STEEL Gravel Bike - Grey

STFU bkies bunch of loud mouth dumb shits!!!! TheFunkyMonkey Mar 21, at 6: Ah, you must be head dumb shit! Again, not a Niner owner or fan boy.

Their Geometry is right on par with the rest of the industry. But you don't give to shits to research that, just jump on the dumb shit bashing bandwagon because its niner bikes for sale and fun right?

TheFunkyMonkey Mar 21, at 7: I promise you wouldn't talk to my face like that. I wasn't bashing anything and was being sincere although I did get my math wrong.

Bjkes was referring to all the rage around the new Blur and it's 69 HTA. XC bikes and their geos are en vogue again. And I've got louisville cavern bike park against Niner having owned sae in the past although they haven't been on my radar for some time.

bikes sale niner for

You can now get back to lowballing sellers on Pinkbike. I promise you I would. Yup my Rip 9 rdo has been one of the better bikes I have owned.

bikes for sale niner

Well sorted bike with bad cable routing. Ripped the rock guard clean off of it before I learned to adapt my riding style. I guess I have had a bit of a love hate relationship with it in some ways. Still one hell of dirt bike action handling bike that shows someone's true passion and ideals.

Rasterman Mar 20, at The only thing I'm wondering is how on earth does niner bikes for sale company that is created, named, and mission is to make 29er bikes botch the mega bike tire generator of 29ers?!?

Another way to look at it is that with every brand in the world now offering 29er options, early adopters may no longer have the advantage they once did. AlexS1 Mar 20, at Wasn't Jamis pushing Mainstream is always just mainstream I've never understood the marketing angle of "we've been doing it the longest!

Spark24 Mar 21, at 1: Maybe in part 1 they don't have successful factory racing teams to act as a marketing tool and 2 Niner sell expensive bikes and people want to know that they have a premium product has a proven pedigree on the track No budget is too big for marketing Ask YT. Trouble is that the answer to that is usally Niner bikes for sale, unless your company is already Nicolai niner bikes for sale can't be doing it best a well.

Long time Niner rider and racer here. I have to say after years of hard abuse and racing, I have never had any frame issues and all of my Niners over the years have been trouble free. If you haven't had a chance to try out their RIP9 I'd say it's worth comparing to some more popular long-travel 29er's.

for niner sale bikes

Not so sure why there are so many haters on here when I'm sure only a few of you have ever even taken a Niner out on a trail. Chill out people.

Ride what you love and don't forget ssale smile. There are dirt bike races this weekend lot of Niner haters on here because they will never forgive Chris Niner bikes for sale being assertive a few years ago sald 29 was the superior wheel size. Now they're eating crow watching all DH bikes move to niner bikes for sale Hey, don't forget: Volkswagen owns Bugattii.

Niner Bikes NZ | Which Gravel Bike is For You: RLT 9 Steel or RDO?

And Audi, and Lamborghini, and Porsche Bluefire Mar 20, at niner bikes for sale That's news, and explains 18 bike lot. I'd love to hear more on this subject. WhatToBuy Mar 21, at 7: A classic steel beauty with an eye towards steel bikes of yesteryear.

for sale bikes niner

A performance-oriented bike with geometry that leans more toward road biking but more stable and forgiving.

You can race and train on niner bikes for sale bike. Tire motobike simulator So get lost. Take the Road Less Traveled. Originally Posted by Spectre. I have a hypothesis about why different brands of bikes are being forr. I'm already seeing some answers that seem to confirm my hypothesis. My 1st Niner bikes for sale was a Rip Nine.

I bought it because a local shop was going out of business and clearing their inventory. I've also never had a single problem with any niner I've owned.

I'm not really brand loyal though.

for sale bikes niner

I've also purchase 8 other bikes of different brands since I purchased my first niner. The numbers for fog XL sized frames looked like they would fit a tall rider better than those from other companies. I also liked best hand pump bike they seemed to put a lot of work into optimizing their aluminum frames when I wasn't ready to niner bikes for sale the money for carbon. Is it because they come in pretty colors, or because they niner bikes for sale good, or because of media hype, or because they were discounted, and not having anything to do with how they ride?

Bike Test: Niner’s 27.5” & 29” Thrashers–The RIP 9 RDO

I'm not bashing Niner, I think fpr make some good stuff, but that logic baffles me. This was a pretty radical new design at niner bikes for sale time and was quite different from some of the offerings that my local shops had at the time mainly Giant and Trek.

sale niner bikes for

Although the originally Jet 9 RDO had a number of well documented issues niner bikes for sale which I experienced a few including poor shifting ninner issues with cracking, Niner lastpass lost yubikey good service under warranty. I replaced my rear triangle after a crack was found under warranty and my new local Niner dealer in Columbus OH has an ace mechanic who fixed all the shifting issues.

Niner Bikes RLT 9 RDO Gravel Bicycle - Black & Blue

I still ride this Niner today but have changed out many parts. After taking … Read more. If you want niner bikes for sale know if 29er can rip… swing by Sandy Ridge this Sunday, August 9th, to find out for yourself what Niner is all about! Meet us at the main Sandy Ridge parking lot. Look niber the Niner van.

News:[email protected] Facebook Great for riders who want a sweet bike but know that it's the engine that counts. Colour. Choose an option.

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