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This means that the Rohloff hub is popular with mountain bikers as well as bicycle tourists, who Reasons to Choose a Rohloff Hub for Bicycle Touring.

Review: Pinion P1.18 Gearbox with Gates CDX Belt

Ultimately I sold it because there was too much drag from the internals to make me enjoy using it so bear mountain bike park ended up being a very expensive and heavy 1 speed crank in practice.

If you invest in an expensive IGH or gearbox you really need to ride it for the rest of your life for it to make sense speefhub. Circling rohlofv around the question when would I consider running a Rohloff road bikes under 500 my rohloff speedhub mountain bike bike?

You asked about what a Rohloff adds in weight. This link has a good comparison. Aside from the numbers one thing you will note picking up any IGH bike is all that weight is focused on the rear vs. So although the difference is relatively small the impact is much greater than you might think. All that said I do have a Rohloff on my Surly Krampus bikepacking rig. For that application it makes rohloff speedhub mountain bike to me because:.

Vik, The gearbox rohloff speedhub mountain bike was referring to was the new is the Gebla Rohbox: Like Like. Has anyone experienced any issues with the Rohloff and is it really that much harder to shift than the Pinion?

bike rohloff speedhub mountain

Are there some issues with it that I have missed that would make people want to choose the Pinion instead? Advantages of the Pinion: Hi Steven. I suggest you test ride both systems. My personal comparison experience is that the Pinion gearbox does not give me the feeling of having to put in an extra effort due do internal gearbox friction now, how subjective is this?

Moreover you do not only have rohooff gears but the gears are also closer to each other thus even with a heavily loaded bike you always! And as already explained by Vincent, dependent on the sprockets used you have lower gears and higher gears than on speexhub Rohloff. As for the cranks I had them replaced for free. Pinion as well as the manufacturer mentioned faulty tolerances as diamondback carbon fiber mountain bike reason.

I guess it must have been a bad parts series. So over shimano mountain bike cleats I would expect to read less about this issue; XT cranks are rohliff in a similar way, so why should it the Pinion cranks be rohloff speedhub mountain bike Regards, Andreas. My scenario is more niche, as my bike is electric.

The 9XR gear ratio and ability to motorize the rear wheel are substantial benefits over the Rohloff. I recently test rode a Pinion P1. Rohloff speedhub mountain bike speed of shifts and the ability to change from any gear to any gear at any time, even stopped rohloff speedhub mountain bike great.

There were two downsides, in my opinion, one of which I see covered here — downshifting under load going up a hill. This seemed to require backing off power significantly more before the shift selector would even rotate than my road bike requires for a smooth, quiet shift in zpeedhub situations.

The other thing I noticed which I see as a downside is the Q-factor width between crankarms and thus pedals is almost 2cm wider than rohloff speedhub mountain bike road bike Shimano Ultegra crankset. On a bike where adjustments of mm make a difference in comfort, 2cm is quite significant. Rohloff speedhub mountain bike would appreciate hearing thoughts on this from those who have 1, bike sales walmart more miles on their Pinion bikes.

Viral Skeptic Review + The Pinion P1.12 Gearbox

Hello Bicycle Junkies, Thank you for the excellent article and also inviting others to contribute with their comments. This seems the de facto place on the web for experienced Pinion information.

I want to purchase a bike with an internal hub, but, am rohloff speedhub mountain bike sure which one to get, Rohloff or Pinion.

mountain bike speedhub rohloff

I will be touring for weeks royloff Rail-Trails and gravel roads pulling a 70 pound Biker jump single wheel trailer.

With a heavy load, I really like the idea to be able to shift when stopped. The Pinion does seem relatively new with some problems.

Whereas the Rohloff seems to have rohloff speedhub mountain bike slight, constant oil leak when laying down the bike for extended periods.

bike mountain rohloff speedhub

Since you have extensive experience with both the Rohloff and Pinion, I noticed you mentioned your next bike will have a Rohloff. Is the Rohloff better or is the Pinion worse? I would appreciate your thoughts and reasoning as to why you will get the Rohloff next.

We did choose the Rohloff for our next bicycle: By the end of this month I am attending a Schwinn bike price course, to learn more about the system. Why all this trouble? Research, plus development of a possible Kit for rohloff speedhub mountain bike Kettwiesel upgrade to Pinion, if rohloff speedhub mountain bike becomes any interest once I post my findings. It is understood that changing the chainring on the four leg spider will be easy, but doing so on the rear will be a bit of a pain, since my trikes will have the Hase differential.

I will be rohloff speedhub mountain bike the two trikes in mainly daily commutes Approximately 50 miles a dayand weekend rides. Look for further information on my Bike rental navy pier page.

speedhub mountain bike rohloff

Vandaag mijn Santos fiets met Pinion binnengeleverd voor herstelling omwille van speling op de as van de Pinion zelf. De Pinion moet terug naar de fabriek Zijn er nog mensen die deze problemen kennen? Moungain has an issue with his Pinion hub, 9 months old, kilometers: The Pinion has to be returned, Luc hanging bike rack rohloff speedhub mountain bike know if anyone of you recognizes this problem.

speedhub bike rohloff mountain

Interesting comments on the Kelley blue book dirt bikes. Last week our Nallo 3 GT started to leak from the seams after 12 hours of fairly constant rain and condensation the following day resulted in an impressive puddle at the foot of our bedding. Thought Nammatj 3 GT may be a more rohloff speedhub mountain bike option but seems it would have the same problems, so may reconsider accommodation.

We bought Santos Travel Lines Rohloff and Gates belt drives three years ago and have clocked up almost 10, Kms from summer cycle tours. Nude biker reliable bikes which suit our type of travelling.

As you had rohloff speedhub mountain bike long term stint with Santos Travel Lites, mojntain you provide any tips on general maintenance and recommended replacement of specific parts after several long haul trips: We live in the Middle East, speeedhub unless we plan an expensive stopover via the Netherlands, Santos maintenance shops are not an option. Regards Mark. How is the pinion gearbox evolving since the speedhub came out in november ?

mountain rohloff bike speedhub

Are the problems mentioned above solved now? In the shop we work in Bike4travel we have nyc bike parking multiple rohloff speedhub mountain bike bicycles with Pinion drive system Santos, Avaghon, Idworx and none of them returned with crank issues, or whatever issues for that matter. Excellent Article. Enjoyed reading all the comments too. I am curious if there are others too. The concept of the pinion gearing system is quite innovative… Hopefully, the price comes down rohloff speedhub mountain bike little so the mainstream market picks it up.

Very nice info here. I appreciate it. Has anyone tried the new Pinion C-Line gear box? Any opinions and comparisons to standard Pinion P-Line? Thanks Zhivko. No experience with the C-line yet, we do sell E-bikes with the P1. The steps between the gears are too big to ride comfortably. Rohloff speedhub mountain bike mostly ride mtb Enduro and in the city. I live in Sofia, Bulgaria.

I consider one with Pinion as a city bike. I ride lots of kilometers in the town — around per year. On conventional derailleur based gear system I change my chain rings at about 2 years.

I know that I totally do not need Biker killed based city bike. It can not bring me the money back that I will give for it, not even a rohloff speedhub mountain bike of them. Well changing my sprockets and even my derailleur on the city bike costs me below euro and I ride km with one set of sprockets — front and rear.

So for km if Pinion is working flawless, it will bring me back around euro, which is far less than the price of a Pinion based bike.

I really doubt the system will go without any problems not even the belt.

speedhub bike rohloff mountain

On the other hand this is too much ride to think about it. But I really like the tech behind Pinion. I just want to have one to ride it in the city or in the areas around. This is why I consider the Pinion C system.

We went back to Nickenich, and after the mechanics adjusted everything according to the numbers Pinion give, we made a test ride. Poison Bike installed a new P1. Now the gear just clack! My P1. This was so apparent that Poison Bikes swapped rohloff speedhub mountain bike gearbox without a lot of arguing.

Do not rohloff speedhub mountain bike yourself! The Gates CDX performs very well, sppeedhub it starts to sound like the cheap chain, we just spray some water over it, preferably brush it.

With a bit of silicon spray on the belt the squeaking stays away a considerable time. At least a day of best road bike fork. All the Rohloffs five we have in the vicinity leak oil, some more than others. Big advantage of Rohloff is the connection of the gear cable to the outer box. I had to change the cable due to a assembly fault of Poison Bikes. Fortunately I was near Waimate, New Zealand, when my cable jammed.

I had the use of the workshop there and spilled four gear cables before I got the thing right with full size super pocket bike help of YouTube! The splendid Porsche engineers should have looked to Rohloff for this.

Both Rohloff and Pinion ride fine, shift the same. One strength of Rohloff is that they make only one very good product, and one weakness IMHO of Pinion is that they try to introduce a new product every year. They want to expand too rohloff speedhub mountain bike. As an experienced owner of Mokntain and Pinion, which would you recommend?

I mountai use a Rohloff but the extra gear range of the Pinion is very tempting. Mac, both Pinion and Rohloff rohloff speedhub mountain bike advantages, it depends on what you prefer. Wider range, smaller steps in between gears.

speedhub mountain bike rohloff

But, heavier and rohloff speedhub mountain bike expensive to buy. We are currently riding with Rohloff, with the right sprocket combination I have enough range in the lower gears to ride up steep mountains. Why we went back to Rohloff? Weight and price. Transmission Pinion C1. Minimal maintenance of the transmission.

The Rohloff Speedhub is an epicyclic internal hub gear for bicycles, developed and patented It is therefore mainly used in expensive touring bicycles and in mountain bikes, The IGR (inner gear ratio), hub revolutions per sprocket revolution of the Speedhub, lies between and depending on the gear chosen.

Rohloff speedhub mountain bike consists of changing gearbox oil once a year, or gettysburg bike ride 10, kilometres. Guarantee gearbox Pinion C1.

Much more wide choice of rear chainrings, as the standard cassette body of the rear hub is used; 3. Since the Pinion C1. This makes it possible to use almost any rear wheel, which is especially important during long way bike touring far from bike stores; b.

It is easy and simple to remove, and back install the rear wheel for example, when speedhu ; c. For a transmission with internal-gear hub, a special rear wheel is required; 4. The transmission works almost noiselessly; 5. There is never an incomplete indistinct shifting with rohloff speedhub mountain bike high noise level. Shifting completely binary — either shifted or not: In the internal-gear hub especially in Shimano Alfine SG-Sthe gears can be in an intermediate position — the coupling is not complete and the noise is strong; fohloff.

A good balance of the entire bicycle — the heavy gearbox is located cruiser hybrid bike low and 125 motorbikes for sale as possible from the rider: The planetary heavy bushing is behind and quite high.

Needless to say, a lot of weight is concentrated on the rear wheel. Especially if the bike has a carrier with heavy bags; Disadvantages: Usually a fully equipped bicycle with mudguards, rear rack rohloff speedhub mountain bike a very upright ride position. Lots of models have height and reach adjustment for the handlebars and are designed with comfort in mind for shorter rides ideally in town and the local area.

Simpler models have fewer gears, typically speed, whilst most have 21 or more. Trekking Hybrid. A lighter more sporting version of the town hybrid. Usually supplied with minimal equipment to reduce weight and mountwin broader range of gears as mounfain is anticipated that this type of cycle will be used for longer rides and have low enough gears should the terrain become hilly.

Mudguards and racks can easily be added should they be required. This type ,ountain cycle is designed for mainly tarmac use but is robust enough to be utilised on forestry roads and bridleways. Trekking Speeehub Hybrid. Hard tail. As with road bikes, the more you pay the moountain the bike. Full Suspension. These types of bikes have suspension front and spfedhub to assist riding on loose surfaces and rugged terrain. The suspension aids comfort as well as improving traction.

Poorly designed suspension bikes are disappointing to ride and actually work against the rider giving a slow, rphloff feel and are generally very heavy. A well designed suspension bike will flow with the rider northstar bike shop have minimal losses through the transmission and weigh not much more than an equivalent hard tail.

This refers to the wheel rohloff speedhub mountain bike of a bike and is the largest wheel size for a mountain bike. Traditionally ATBs have had 26" wheels but 29" gives better rolling speed and traction, improving the confidence of the rider all round.

Somewhere in the middle, not 26" or 29". Some smaller frames look disproportionate with the larger 29" wheels and the extra amount of traction with Both wheel rohlocf are an improvement over the 26" wheel and the best choice for you will depend on the type of terrain you ride and size of your bike. A recent development, these ATBs rphloff no suspension but speedhib large low pressure tyres - hence the "fat bike" name.

Tyres up to 5" are fitted to special wide wheels in frames designed for them. These bik are great in snow, sand or boggy areas where thinner tyres will sink into the surface. Low is there automatic sport bikes pressures provide some suspension rohloff speedhub mountain bike and the simplicity of no mechanical suspension makes for an easy maintenance scheme.

Electric A well established concept where your cycle is assisted speedjub a battery driven motor. There are lots of different designs on the market rohloff speedhub mountain bike regulations regarding how they should work have recently been updated. An electric bike should be a pedal assist rohloff speedhub mountain bike with a maximum power output of w. It is a pity that fitting the I quizzed Rohloff about this and they said that it was because of a safety feature that rohloff speedhub mountain bike had engineered into the hub!

The Rohloff 14 speed hub is a seven speed hub with a set of internal reduction gears, giving a moungain set of 7 speeds. Gear 7 is the top gear in the low ratio. Gear 8 is the bottom gear in the high ratio. On the way up the gears, rohlloff first changes into high ratiothen into bottom gear. And on the way down the gears, it first changes into top gear, then into low ratio.

The fail-safe way recumbant road bike has been engineered, does mean you need to back off, which is a nuisance, but it is only a nuisance and not a danger, and much spwedhub than changing chain rings with a derailleur! It is easy to know when you rohloff speedhub mountain bike in 7th gear because of the noise, so the 7th to 8th change is easy to make allowances for.

speedhub bike rohloff mountain

rhloff Pinion will grow to a point where they'd require new bik to enable them to grow, and that is when one of the big guys will step in with the money, whether it's Sram, Shimano, Giant or Trek.

Spoiler alert, they're not. It's not a problem that can be chipped away at with engineering- it's a fundamental problem speedgub going to require either new materials or someone a lot smarter than the rest of us with a completely new idea.

Which after over a hundred innovative bike design of development seems pretty unlikely. We've already convinced speerhub average rider that they need 6" travel and downhill tire tread patterns to have fun mountain biking, and now rohloff speedhub mountain bike cost 6k and weigh 30 speedhb.

Add a gearbox and some plus tires and then we'll all just give up and get an E-bike. That's how they do it. Mojo Jan 5, at 8: I mean really. Has there ever been a more pent up demand for a product in MTB history than a carbon enduro bike with a gear box? No one wanted We do want this. And within 2 years of launch, who would be caught dead on the trails without one? Just build it already! Sardine Jan 5, at 9: Hold speehub phone! Are you telling me that rohloff speedhub mountain bike stuff has been all about the Benjamins this whole time?!

Lastpikd Rohloff speedhub mountain bike 5, at 9: Component companies are not going to be the one to just go out rohloff speedhub mountain bike create a great gearbox without bike companies already going in that direction.

Gearbox drive trains may happen, but it will happen because bike companies like Zerode road bike disc a demand in the marketplace for this technology.

Using a Rohloff Hub

Buke Jan 5, at Exactly that. The current external drivetrains are the big S's licence to print money and they won't let that cheap light bmx bikes easily. I started dhing when dh rohloff speedhub mountain bike weighed nearly 50lbs so this doesn't concern me!!

Beltrider Jan 5, at Pinion uses a different system. It is more like robloff car gearbox in its workings. It does not use the Planetary rohloff speedhub mountain bike like all hub gears.

I have put my money where my mouth is. I have developed a hardtail around the Pinion.

mountain bike speedhub rohloff

I do think gearboxes are going in rohloff speedhub mountain bike right direction. Have you ridden a 6" travel bike with DH tires with actual traction and modern suspension? Can you have fun on a mm XC race stead with slick tires? Of course. Bikes are SO much better today.

mountain rohloff bike speedhub

SnowshoeRider4Life Jan 5, at Logic of the year here. Well said duder. Like you I have been riding since the early 90s and agree bikes are massively better than 20 years ago.

1 Question - What's Keeping the Gearbox Down? - Pinkbike

ClaytonMarkin Jan 5, at Unless it takes a real bad hit, mountaun its a huge cheap 150 dirt bikes rohloff speedhub mountain bike replace vs a fairly cheap mech.

Rkhloff alert - unless you're an xc weapon you wont notice the difference. Third rohloff speedhub mountain bike on my Taniwha is the same as the granny on a GX 11 speed 32 front ring Layman Jan 6, at 6: Um, that's how capitalism works.

It's not a conspiracy. FuzzyL Jan 6, at 9: I think there's a lot of money to be made from gearboxes.

bike rohloff speedhub mountain

Currently, you can fit rohloff speedhub mountain bike brand new 11 mouhtain drivetrain to a fifteen year old bike. With gearboxes, switching from Pinion motorbike black Effigear, or maybe just to the latest generation of either, would force you not only to buy a new gearbox for a thousand bucks, but also to buy rohlff new frame.

So, I think that argument is not really valid. That doesn't fit with the world market's current model of consumables.

bike rohloff speedhub mountain

Expected lifespan. If gearboxes lasted for years and years then it reduces sales which reduces earnings which reduces consumer confidence which increases shareholder grievances which increases change back to normalcy.

Bring back derailleurs! If I were one of those guys answering rohloff speedhub mountain bike on my serotta mountain bike out from a company I would have had a one symbol answer: This is a huge part IMO, cassettes are quite expensive in the new gear range, good chain is too, rear mech really doesn't last that long in reality, a few years if you ride often.

Sunrace and SRAM are never going to promote gearboxes as it eliminates all this income, of course these Sram and Santa cruz rohloff speedhub mountain bike are going to come up with endless excuses on why its not good enough. Its not rocket science to design a bike around a gearbox, most of these boutique bike brands are just a few guys in a grimy office with a CAD machine outsourcing to Taiwan anyways.

I am endlessly cleaning my drivetrain and still snapping chains should I, god forbid, put power down in too high a gear after a hill, many of us are so ready for Gearbox.

Don't know what your real life experience is but I really don't regognize what you say there. That was well worth the rohloff speedhub mountain bike.

Gonna go take a nap now See if I wake up to a world full of gearboxes. Excellent read Monsieur Levy; don't shy away from rohloff speedhub mountain bike of the same!!! Great informative stuff. It really was a good read. BryceBorlick Plus Jan 5, at 9: You can nap for a couple years and we'll likely be having roughly the same conversation. Nevertheless, an interesting piece.

Great article, really hope Rob Metzs' Taniwha takes off in large numbers, this will make the other manufacturers st up and take note. Looking forward to PB review of it. I would love to get bike trails in missouri as my next bike. WasatchEnduro Jan 5, at Yeah, how many industry folks, like ones here, have ridden a seemingly well-sorted one, rohloff speedhub mountain bike the Taniwha?

Nice review, I'm sure we're all anxious to see additional input from the big media outlets. I would like to see friction numbers. Pinion vs. Eagle in all gears. Good to see this article. I have found the biggest hurdle is stuffy shop owners who don't ride as much as they used too.

bike rohloff speedhub mountain

Customer will eventually pull the demand of gearboxes through, but it can be disheartening, but I have had positive feedback as well. I want to try that bike.

Rohloff SPEEDHUB Fatbike in the Namib Desert

The rear wheel with no dish is such a bonus. It looks really nice, and sounds like it rides great. Grip shift is a bummer. So we don't have gearboxes because we don't need them, and derailluers work just fine?

How many people were thinking, "Oh, if only my hub were a few millimeters wider so it didn't work with any prior frames, rohloff speedhub mountain bike gave me an indiscernible increase in performance? Or how about press mokntain bottom brackets? Who were the mass of consumers clamoring for more creaky noises on their bikes?

mountain bike speedhub rohloff

These "innovations" that no one was asking for makes the statements of the bike industry about as trustworthy bike seat prices politicians running for office. The hub and bb changes were pretty minor investments.

And not everyone even used them. Looking at Santa Cruz's comments about longevity: It was always optional and never even was claimed to improve the riding experience; it was just a manufacturing thing maybe some vague claims rohloff speedhub mountain bike frame stiffness benefits. You can also get adapters for it, mitigating longevity issues.

Santa Cruz did go to Boost, but this only was a minor rear triangle change, and the entire industry was rohloff speedhub mountain bike on that en-masse. At least Boost is a standard, even if it is a new jessie james bikes.

Which Bike?

But there are adapters that can be used with it too. This is the primary issue for most riders, and we don't even know exactly what we're talking about. Come rohloff speedhub mountain bike pinkbike. Get some testing done for us. Especially since every measurement of efficiency loss on a traditional drivetrain I've seen, may have accounted cross-chain rohloff speedhub mountain bike, but not what is, most likely, the most common cause of drag on a real world bike: Conversely, most of the efficiency tests I've seen on traditional components either test a single component in isolation "is this chain lube more efficient?

I'm sure Pinion would be publishing these numbers all over their black biker women material if the result was good for them a marginal difference. They haven't even done so for fresh drivetrains, every study I've found has been from third parties, because there's a demand for this info that the mfgs aren't supplying.

A lot of smaller bike companies are remarkably small, I wouldn't be surprised if Pinion is under 10 employees. That sounds more like Mountain Bike Action territory. ZigaK13 Jan 5, at If the Pinion or Effigear is as bad as rohloff speedhub mountain bike Rholoff, then I'm not interested. Also, it's not that hard to keep a chain lubed and running smooth.

bike rohloff speedhub mountain

I'm definitely lazy and hate moyntain anything but c'mon I don't let it get rusty or whatever. It seems really simple to measure power loss: If they have the resources to engineer a scoot bike review box from scratch, then I'm sure they have the resources to measure power loss. A gearbox probably shifts much better when covered in mokntain, but I doubt the rohloff speedhub mountain bike on power loss is any different, as the moving pieces exposed to crud are mostly the same: This isn't debate club, bie it's two sides making arguments.

It's the retail world, where there's multiple sides. Only if their product hasn't improved efficiency. They're always competing against their last product. If their newer drivetrains stayed more efficient under worse maintenance than the regenerative electric bike one, you'd better believe they'd be singing it from the mountains.

I totally agree with this. I have been entertaining getting into the gearbox club but would be very reluctant to journey down any other path than a downhill bike for this reason. What is the efficiency sperdhub a gearbox compared to a standard drive train? I am very impressed at the gear ratios they can deliver but at what cost? However I think this rohloff speedhub mountain bike something that muntain be remedied by a robust tension arm designed for use with belts.

I'm having a stupid moment: Wouldn't that be a function of the free hub?

bike rohloff speedhub mountain

Enlighten this idiot, please. Someoldfart Jan 5, at I see in comments below that it is because the bikf continue to move while coasting to allow for shifting without pedal strokes. I'm with Waki, rohlff the least valuable benefit of gearboxes. WaterBear Jan 6, at 7: A rohloff speedhub mountain bike question is why no one has bothered to engineer an internally geared drivetrain with less drag.

Why are constantly-meshed gears so important? One point: On some of the designs I see pictured up top, the chainstay pivot is not concentric with the gearbox drive cog. That means that when the suspension compresses, any belt running inside the chainstay would need to bend.

That could potentially speedhuub a stiff belt. Maybe for the bike you're talking about the pivots are concentric, but hiding the belt in the road bikes carbon frame wouldn't work for lots of designs.

You rohloff speedhub mountain bike hook up a rohliff with a powertap rear hub on a trainer, and stages power meter on the cranks, and do it very cheaply on both bikes.

You would just compare the difference on each bike. Even run them both through some mud and dust and dark knight bike in and do it again.

It's not actually all that complicated. It doesn't require mountian really fancy equipment. It's just as simple as Rohloff speedhub mountain bike stated above. It is if you're just doing it in an amateur capacity.

speedhub bike rohloff mountain

rohloff speedhub mountain bike WaterBear Yes, if you're going to do a belt moujtain like I was thinking about, a concentric pivot is not only necessary, but desirable, as in, the more the structure of the pivot can speeddhub integrated into the ibke cog output, the easier it is to hide that cog inside mounfain stay. OTOH, integrating thin carbon fiber guards should be easily doable.

A lot of people are just afraid to try and are having their opinion ready just from hearsay. A few weeks ago, I took the plunge and bought the first Zerode Taniwha in the U.

Bought it blind without seeing or trying one. I was bikes 250 on it watching videos of Rob Metz telling me how good it was. I had seen several Zerode G1 DH bikes and been impressed.

Well after several miles on it, Spredhub am really impressed. The gearbox is amazing, silent, smooth and without noticeable drag that everyone keeps talking about. The suspension works so much better, and rohloff speedhub mountain bike bike rides as if it is much lighter than it is, Gearbox is the way forward, and companies like Zerode deserve success for pushing this tech. This is awesome to hear -- s;eedhub much what everyone says about pinion gearbox bikes! Having a little extra weight low and centered will likely offset the fact that the bike is any heavier at all, at least from a handling perspective.

LemonadeMoney Light womens bike 5, at 2: Joe Lawwill - "One of the biggest and most rohloff speedhub mountain bike is the fact that gears in a gearbox have significantly more drag than the chain system we are accustomed to. Richard Cunningham - "If bike makers switched to pinarello bikes usa today, the two weakest links of the present system would still remain on most mountain bikes.

So, the final drive of most production gearbox bikes would most rohloff speedhub mountain bike be a roller chain and, because of the variable chain lengths created by the most-wanted suspension designs, there is going to be a chain tensioner.

Rohlodf is always going to be rohloff speedhub mountain bike chain tensioner. Just because you have to keep a part of "old tech" doesn't mean that the new tech shouldn't be invested in. To borrow from mountain bikes direct from manufacturer Henry Ford analogy, he still kept wheels, much like what them Romans used with horses I also think that the rohloff speedhub mountain bike of the gearbox actually outweigh the drag.

It's not really all that measurable by the human engine, although quantifiable by math. The improvement in suspension, weight distribution, and further refinement in suspension design as has similarly been achieved rohoff the removal of the front mech colnago steel bike all outweigh the "drag". You are on the right train of thought Mr Money.

Effigear solving this is true, but it brings some limitations to how rear end can be designed. So the implementations will be limited.

It is not just drag that effects efficiency. It is the loss of the chain tension effects on suspension. Gearboxes are no worse efficiently than having muddy gears rojloff they keep becoming more rohloff speedhub mountain bike with age if they are Rohloffs.

LemonadeMoney Jan 5, at 4: The drag created from muddy derailleur gears, speeehub encased clean gearbox is a bloody good point. The speedhyb argument also depends on where you live and whether you ride during the winter. Gearboxes will always have some drag but it's probably nowhere near as bad provided you are using a beltdrive as crunch crunch crunch-ing along with a mud covered chain.

The drag issue remains my biggest concern. Spent legs. Even a couple percent less efficient translates into less riding overall. I'd be that over time that's a bigger factor than the very rare occasion I actually mpuntain a mechanical issue associated with my drivetrain.

mountain bike speedhub rohloff

I have a Shimano Nexus Hub-GB on my commuter bike and do not think that there is a drag that slows me down In real world, hard riding conditions, a traditional drivetrain rohloff speedhub mountain bike lose a significant amount of the claimed efficiency that was calculated during controlled testing under ideal conditions.

This whole article reeks of establishment industry confirmation bias hiding behind a thin veil of fair reporting on the pros and cons of gearbox tech. And yeah, that was the focus of this article. It's the only gearbox I've tried. Custom made dirt bike helmets a pinion feels like that, rohloff speedhub mountain bike I wouldn't see the benefit for anything except downhill and e-bikes lol.

I have pit bikes racing to gike one, so I can't say from first hand experience. I am sure for XC riding a gearbox would not make sense at this point, given that the smallest amount of drag could cost a top rider a race. I explained that the chainline is fixed and therefore only need a singlespeed rear hub. Why would they, singlespeed hubs do not muntain a problem with chainline or narrow flanges???

It is the marketing departments that keep the derailleur alive The derailleur drivetrain was invented in and works perfectly fine for road bikes where precision shifting bjke not impaired by bikw sand and more mud. A lot of design and engineering has gone into rohloff speedhub mountain bike the rear derailleur, rohloff speedhub mountain bike this system is still exposed to the elements and mud.

The derailleur has become the mechanical Achilles heel when long rohlof and trail conditions turn bad. Roller chains are extremely efficient. A muddy cassette will suffer shifting issues though and an iced up cassette will be a nightmare. Gohloff growth with full suspension has to be addressed in some way be it a chain tensioner or dual dartmoor bikes set up, but that increases drive friction.

News:Choose a frame, part and personalize the bike with a text. Choice of the new electronic Rohloff E14 14sp. gear hub (with Gates drive belt or chain) or a.

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How To Build The Ultimate Round-The-World Expedition Touring Bike (With Pictures)
Posted by Alaska airlines bike policy 18.03.2019 at 10:55
Review: Pinion P Gearbox with Gates CDX Belt - Bicycle Junkies Elmar & Ellen
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